YouTube suddenly went on a brief blackout on Wednesday, May 19 after some users reported that they could not access the video-viewing and sharing platform. On Twitter, people have vented out their frustrations using the hashtag #YouTubeDown which quickly trended in social media.

At present, YouTube said that it has already fixed the issue, yet there are still others who reported that they have been experiencing ongoing problems in the popular online platform.

Why is YouTube Down For a Moment?

Is YouTube Down? Here Are the Problems that Users Faced Before It Got Fixed
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#YouTubeDown trends on Twitter.

According to the recent tweet of YouTube, the team has been seeing several reports that involve difficulties in accessing the platform's services within the last hour. At the moment, YouTube said that the problems a while ago are now fixed, and users will now be able to access it without any known issues.

Many users complained about the endless loading of the videos during the blackout. Others raised their concerns on the incessant buffering and stopping of the clips where a message "Report the issue" is appearing.

Moreover, there is also a report from one user who faced problems when he launched a live stream on his Youtube channel. At the time when the app was down, it seems that the Google Team has limited the viewers' window time for no apparent reason. Specifically, when the viewers type "Hi" in the channel, they got timed out.

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Other than that, another person who is using Samsung's smart tv app still encounters trouble in accessing YouTube. He added that even though he already restarted, replaced the wireless system with a wired version, there is no luck for the fix. However, persistent apps like Netflix and Disney appear to be working so that leaves YouTube as a source of the issue.

Still, one user claimed that during the outage, he had already solved the copyright issue in one of his videos. After deleting the music option, he complained that the music was still there even though YouTube treated it as "solved."

In another tweet posted by another YouTuber, the resolved issue has appeared once again although it was solved already. YouTube issued a strike for his violation of child safety policy, but the user insisted that the problem was already done on the company's end.

On top of all the above-stated problems, the black screen issue also lingered in one of the user screens. Besides, others were angry after they could not upload a 4K video on YouTube.

Despite that YouTube has addressed the problem, a resident from North Norway commented that the YouTube app has been working on his Firefox and Android browser. According to the European user, the platform was not yet functioning when he opened the Mozilla Firefox on his Windows 10 PC despite turning off the VPN and doing the troubleshooting steps.

YouTube Was Sued Due to Silencing the Conservatives

According to CBN News on Tuesday, May 18, YouTube also faced a lawsuit following its allegations that it is stopping conservative individuals from using the platform. In March, the online-sharing company removed Steven Crowder's channel on YouTube. Crowder is known to be a conservative commentator.

The platform said that it violated policies regarding COVID-19 misinformation. The video also contains references involving slavery and black farmers.

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