Intel Core i9-11900K Review | Did It Finally Beat AMD?
(Photo : Screenshot From Newegg Official Website) Intel Core i9-11900K Review | Did It Finally Beat AMD?

Intel Core i9-11900K review shows solid specs but the question still stands, can it beat AMD? While Intel has been a strong brand for years and was previously the leading brand when it came to CPU and GPU chips, AMD has been lately coming out with cheaper and also more powerful chips to match Intel and Nvidia.

Intel Core i9-11900K vs AMD

The Intel Core i9-11900K was actually designed to beat AMD but results might show otherwise. According to the post by TechSpot, the Intel Core i9-11900K only has a few frame rate wins to show for itself. It is also not really tangibly quicker in comparison to the last-gen i9.

In fact, the new Intel Core i9-11900K showed slower multithreaded processing power in comparison to the last-gen i9. The CPU reportedly costs more, has a weaker specs sheet, and is also "far more thirsty." The Comet Lake itself was notably already pretty demanding on that front alone.

According to the review by PC Gamer, the advice is for gamers not to purchase the i9-11900K especially if they are trying to build their own PC. The reason for this is that there are "objectively" better chips out in the market from AMD or even the previous generation Intel CPUs.

Intel i9-11900K Pros

  • Slightly faster gaming FPS compared to AMD

  • Supports PCIe 4.0

  • New overclocking features

  • Compatible with the existing Z490 motherboards

  • Intel Core i9-11900K plus the Z590 plus the Adaptive Boost equals 5.1GHz on all cores

Intel i9-11900K Cons

  • Early stumbles in BIOS

  • Requires liquid cooling in order to get optimal operation

  • Liquid cooling is not included

  • Uses too much power

  • Only has eight cores compared to the ten on the previous i9-10900K

  • Multi-threaded performance cannot compete with AMD

Intel Core i9-11900K Price

The Intel i9-11900K price is quite steep, especially at its highest price due to the massive demand for CPUs. The current price is at $549 while the highest price online is at $799. It might be worth trying different sites and searching for the CPU before buying it due to the massive price demands.

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Intel or AMD?

When compared to the AMD, buyers will actually be getting options for greater core counts that are effectively on the same level of gaming performance. According to the post by PC Gamers, users can get a more matured PCIe 4.0 enabled platform as well as a more affordable eight-core chip in the market.

When the powerful Ryzen 9 5900X finally comes back into stock, AMD reportedly has the best all-round CPU offering out there. To answer the question as to whether buyers should choose the Intel i9-11900K or an AMD chip, the answer by PC Gamers is to not buy the Intel Core i9-11900K since there are better chips from AMD and even previous Intel generations.

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