Tinder Update Gives Warnings Before Users Send Offensive Messages
(Photo : Screenshot From Commons.Wikipedia.org) Tinder Update Gives Warnings Before Users Send Offensive Messages

Tinder could be considered the most widely used dating app all around the world. Since it is a popular platform used for helping people find their partners and to spread love, if users still continue to send harassing messages or feensive messages using the messaging option, it eventually defeats the purpose.

Tinder Update New Warning

Going forward, Tinder will supposedly prompt users with a notification asking them "Are you sure?" to stop for a moment and rethink before sending a message that could potentially offend people. According to the story by TechRadar, the dating platform gets the help of AI in order to help them detect harmful and harassing messages to help them prevent any untoward incidents.

The company claims, according to Tinder, that the new alert message, namely "Are you sure?" has already been successful in reducing certain messages with inappropriate language by 10% during the early testing, which indicates a positive sign. AI improves over time and Tinder is using the platform to reduce the amount of inappropriate messages sent.

Tinder Safety Update

Tracey Breeden stated that the early results from the features show users that intervention done the right way can then be quite meaningful in either changing behaviour and building a community where everyone could feel like themselves. Tracey Breeden works as the Head of Safety and Social Advocacy for Match Group.

The "Are you sure?" or AYS is just one of the number of security features that a Tinder update already has. It also joins the whole "Does This Bother You?" feature that is quite a provocative alert which helps users that might have received certain messages that contain any form of harmful language.

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Tinder and Other Social Media Security

Together, both of the features are supposed to make Tinder at least a little bit safer. Aside from the Tinder social media platforms like Instagram or YouTube, there are features that are still quite similar. Back in March, Instagram stated that in a bid to fight against harassment and bullying, it then added a feature that would later on allow users to block or even restrict a number of accounts from the comments section of their own posts.

YouTube, on the other hand, has already introduced a number of features in order to support different diverse communities. In order to encourage respectful and healthy interactions, it now also plans to empower the YouTuber's with a brand new filter that would then flag down certain inappropriate comments then hold them for an upcoming review.

The problem that Tinder has been experiencing is that harassing and harmful messages often get by and the ultimate decision of the user is to block the one sending those messages is the only way to deal with the messages. Tinder update has now decided to give a warning on the senders' end to minimize the amount of harmful or harassing messages.

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