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Match Group claims that two different smartphone giants have allowed underaged dating app users access to "only 18 and above" apps despite knowing their real age. Match Group chief legal officer Jared Sine testified to the US Senate on April 21 according to Stafani Reynolds/Bloomberg.

Match vs. Apple and Google

According to Telegraph.co.uk, Match.com, Tinder's parent company, is now accusing both Apple and Google of endangering children by not properly checking their age when downloading dating apps. Match Group noted on Tuesday April 20 that the smartphone giants refused to share data regarding their users' age and had let them through repeatedly despite knowing they were under 18.

Jared Sine testified to the US senate and noted that Match owns Match.com, and OkCupid had actually been forced to adopt its very own safety checks in order to fix gaps in the Apple and Google age verification process. The claims came during a fiery hearing in Washington DC, which was investigating whether or not Apple and Google abused their power over Android and iPhone app stores to suppress any competition.

Tinder Chief Legal Officer Speaks

Sine was then joined by executives coming from Spotify and the lost item start-up known as Tile, which had stated that they had been punished, threatened, and even financially shaken by Apple once they started to develop rival products. Both Apple and Google denied the allegations, noting their strict rules and fees of up to 30% are very necessary for the safety of their users.

Sine noted in his testimony that safety is actually harmed with the current way that the system runs and that neither Apple nor Google have been willing to help them even with just the most basic safety measures. Due to Apple and Google's stronghold when it comes to their user data, it has become harder for them to conduct even a number of those basic safety checks.

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Apple and Google Alleged Flaws

An example of this is that despite multiple requests made over the years, Apple and Google currently still allow underaged users to easily download their apps despite knowing that those individuals are still under 18. HBe also claimed that minors whose age were already logged in their personal Apple and Google accounts would still be easily able to download Match's app by a simple clicking pop-up that would ask them to confirm that they are indeed over 18 despite actually not.

Those people would then get passed on to their apps and the company would have to manually filter them out through a number of age gating systems in order to ensure that they will not allow underage dating app users on their platform. Apple and Google did not give any immediate response to the questions being pointed at them regarding how underaged users can still gain access to adult-only apps.

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