Tesla is yet to release its take on electric pickup trucks with the Cybertruck, and it has now accumulated more than 1 million interested buyers to down a reservation for the vehicle and securing their spot. This only shows how much the Cybertruck is an anticipated vehicle despite the many shades thrown over its design and other elements.

Elon Musk Says Tesla Cybertruck Will Get More Improvements Before 2021 Delivery
(Photo : Tesla)
Elon Musk Says Tesla Cybertruck Will Get More Improvements Before 2021 Delivery

However, the main problem here is that the company needs to mass-produce the pickup at the littlest time possible, not to mention the tech needed to be included in the vehicle and its accessories. Tesla has also recently bounced back from an impending problem with the Tesla Model S 2021 deliveries, which were late for months. 

Apart from the bulk of orders for Tesla to deliver, the company is also facing a global chip and semiconductor shortage, which has taken a toll on most technologies. This includes various industries, including the consoles with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, smartphones, computer hardware, and electric vehicles with Tesla, Chevrolet, and many more. 

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Tesla Cybertruck Exceeds 1 Million Reservations

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According to a crowdsourced spreadsheet link managed by Cybertruck enthusiasts, the concerned party has tallied the number of those who have already preordered or reserved a unit from Tesla. 

The clean energy company is requiring people at least $100 to pay upfront for the reservation of the Cybertruck, and a million of it already means $100 million for Tesla. 

The surge of reservations for the Tesla Cybertruck has effectively boosted the sales of the electric pickup, and this has shown that the vehicle is not yet out of the game, despite its competitors already releasing their units. Several of Tesla's current competitors are Rivian R1T, Ford F-150 Lightning, Lordstown Endurance, and GM's Hummer EV. 

Despite this, it only shows Tesla as a stronghold amidst the many competitions around, and its competitors having the ability to debut its EVs already on the market, as 2021's demands consist that of an EV. 

When is Tesla Cybertruck Coming?

Tesla Cyber Truck
(Photo : Tesla)
Tesla Cybertruck

Last March, it was revealed by a company called Idra, that a client has already purchased its 8,000-ton casting machine, which will be used for something big and soon deliver on products. The mystery client is Tesla, and the product to be delivered is the Tesla Cybertruck.

That latest development suggested the start of Cybertruck's production, especially as it was the "last key" or final piece of the puzzle to come so that the company may begin manufacturing the vehicle. However, this casting machine is only one part of the job, as numerous components are needed for this venture.

Ultimately, the Tesla Cybertruck is expected in 2022, with its preorders coming later this year. However, this schedule may change for the better or worse, especially with the unpredictable availability of resources.

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