PS5 Restock Update June 2021
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PS5 restock was spotted on an unexpected online retailer. The results however weren't satisfying and it could be that either the bundle was priced poorly by the online retailer or the bundle was not being sold officially by the online retailer but rather by a scalper.

PS5 Restock Bundle Costs $995!?

With scalpers making the purchase of the PlayStation 5 restocks extremely difficult, buyers either have to try hard and purchase the console whenever there is an available PS5 stock online or simply buy from scalpers. The pricing difference, however, can be quite steep at times.

A reliable PS5 restock tracker called Wario64 shared a tweet revealed that there was a new PlayStation 5 bundle being sold online at Urban Outfitters. The problem, however, was that the bundle costs $995! The conversation in the thread quickly debated as to how the console was overpriced.

PlayStation 5 Bundle Inclusions

Basically, the bundle on Urban Outfitters included the console, two controllers, a headset, and two games, namely "Assassin's Creed Valhalla" and "Spider-Man Miles Morales." At the time of this article, the bundle has already been bought, meaning somebody thought it was a good deal despite others thinking otherwise.

In the defense of the bundle, a certain commenter clarified that the games were at least $60 each, the controllers were also $60 each, and the headset is at least $100. The console SRP is usually at $500 which then brings everything to $900.

Is the PS5 Bundle Fairly Priced?

Another commenter gave a different breakdown noting it should only cost a maximum of $780. The console should cost $500 with the two controllers costing $70, "Spider-Man Miles Morales" should cost $50 while the "AC Valhalla" should only go for $60. The headset costs $100 but this still leaves the bundle charging $200 more according to the @chaseserious.

Another person clarified that the two controllers along with the "Spider-Man Miles Morales" is actually the deluxe edition but the bundle still remains about $80 to $100 overpriced. The debate continues as to whether or not the PS5 bundle was fairly priced, with the majority complaining that it was not. According to one commenter, at least GameStop bundles are "fairly priced," noting that the bundle had a $200 markup at least.

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Global Chip Shortage

Aside from scalpers in the picture, one large problem is the lack of chips in order to manufacture the PlayStation 5 console. Aside from Sony's PS5 restock or even Microsoft's Xbox Series X restock, the whole world is at a crisis wherein there is a huge shortage for chips.

The global chip shortage is the reason behind the scarce supply of certain electronics like consoles, GPUs like the Nvidia RTX 3090 and other Nvidia GeForce RTX 3000-series, and even the automobile industry. The car industry is now deeply affected by the global chip shortage since it has affected how much automobiles can they manufacture.

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