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(Photo : Youtube/ PixelsByNight) Miitopia video game
'Miitopia' Switch Update Announces Two New Full Patch Notes—How to Get Gold
(Photo : Nintendo) "'Miitopia" version 1.0.1 and 1.0.2 just came out.
Miitopia- Dark Lord
(Photo : Nintendo)

"Miitopia" has secured the 2nd spot in the charts of the top games for the Nintendo Switch this week, after its initial debut last Friday, May 21, and has not yet reached its first week. This just shows how much "Miitopia" was well-loved by its gamers during its run with the Nintendo 3DS, and its revival with the Nintendo Switch gave it a new life.

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(Photo : Youtube/ PixelsByNight)
Miitopia video game

The game is a hit worldwide, and the first charts to release was in the United Kingdom, showing that it has achieved a spectacular performance and popularity amongst gamers. According to My Nintendo News, it joins fellow Nintendo Switch-available game, "Resident Evil Village," which has secured the top spot in the charts after its run in second place. 

And while the Nintendo 3DS version of "Miitopia" is a beloved one when it was released in 2016, the usage and hype for the portable dual-screen device were dropping, especially as Nintendo is to debut its latest console. The Nintendo Switch was released in 2017, and the switch to the latest hybrid console has left "Miitopia" on the 3DS until four years later. 

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'Miitopia' Debut Top Charts at 2nd Place

While "Miitopia" and other recently released games can top the charts during its debut, it certainly is a hard feat to accomplish, especially as there are hundreds of competitors now. The gaming landscape and development have seen a massive change in the way it debuts new titles to the public.

'Miitopia' Switch Update Announces Two New Full Patch Notes—How to Get Gold
(Photo : Nintendo)
"'Miitopia" version 1.0.1 and 1.0.2 just came out.

Its arrival on Switch has brought it at a massive high, immediately securing the Top 2 spot, beating that of the "Mass Effect" and "Animal Crossing: New Horizons."

"Miitopia" has been long-awaited by gamers, especially with its rise in popularity during the Switch's release, and is now experiencing the same highs it saw before. Its arrival on Switch games came at the right moment, especially as the hybrid console has featured a lot of ports for different Nintendo games from the Wii, and other remasters. 

Miitopia' Pro Tips, Guide for Better Gameplay

Miitopia- Dark Lord
(Photo : Nintendo)

Apart from gathering one's Mii's for an adventure towards the Dark Lord's lair and defeating his Mii-stealing doom over the land, there are plenty of ways to maximize one's gameplay. "Miitopia" is an RPG with a fixed storyline, but most of its elements would be mainly based on the direction taken by the gamer. 

Here are tips and guides to help you in bettering your mileage in-game:

  • Ration Food wisely considers stats and effects in a specific mission or location.
  • Manage relationships and create bonds to maximize the abilities of the Mii.
  • Create different roles to support each other better on missions and quests.
  • Heal manually using Sprinkles to avoid getting a Mii defeated or killed. 
  • Go berserk in battles with creatures, demons, and other enemies, to avoid losing the fight. 
  • Utilize a Horse when seeing one, make sure that everyone has a good bond/relationship to maximize the animal's presence in the team.

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