Valisure has warned and advised the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) with the rising case of sunscreen products that have alarming levels of concentration of Benzene, known to cause cancer. This was not the first time Valisure has advised the FDA, and the company is a trusted source for these kinds of warnings which finds unusual substances on everyday products.

Sunscreen with Benzene May Cause Cancer
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Testing labs are here to ensure that products that have been overlooked or bypassed several testings for health and safety would not be compromised, especially as most of these are mass-produced for distribution. Sometimes, even regulatory committees overlook these kinds of problems or are not discovered upon approval. 

Users need not wait for skin problems to appear, especially with the recent discovery made by Valisure, despite the upcoming app by Google, which aims to determine skin problems using a Dermatology AI

These kinds of diseases may not sound as important compared to morbidities or the COVID-19, but these are something that requires a great deal of monitoring as well. 

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Testing Lab Warns FDA of Sunscreen Cancer-Causing Substance

Sunscreen with Benzene May Cause Cancer
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Recently, Valisure has released a "citizen's petition" regarding the removal of said sunscreen variants which have been tested for their "Benzene" levels, which were surprisingly high on these skin products. Benzene is a known human carcinogen, which is a massive contributor to activating cancer cells in the body, hence the illness. 

The substance is known for its use in industrial applications as solvents for manufacturing plastics and other similar products, despite being a naturally available chemical. While in small doses, the substance is non-lethal, higher doses and prolonged exposure like the use of sunscreen every time there is an outing or a trip to the beach could lead to unwanted consequences.

FDA Allows Benzene, at Small Doses Only-Will Products Be Removed?

The FDA only allows the introduction of Benzene to products at the maximum quantity of 2 parts per million (ppm), which can be divided into appropriate ratios for products in a batch or a bottle. However, it seems that Valisure has seen more than 2 ppm on said sunscreen products, hence the petition to remove it or revert its FDA approval. 

While the sunscreen's exposure would be accumulating the high dose of toxic benzene substance over time, its use could still open up the "doorways" to a possible cancer development. Sunscreens have been found to be a routine in American's beach trips, and for some a daily skincare routine. 

Initially, Valisure's suggestions and petitions to the FDA were approved by the agency, case in point, the recent ban on selected sanitizers and handsoaps in the market which contains high doses of toxic chemicals. While the fate of the sunscreen products in the country is unknown, Valisure's meticulous testing aimed to help prevent cancer development.

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