'Hot Ones' YouTube Host Nominated for Emmy Award!
(Photo : Screenshot From Pxhere Official Website) 'Hot Ones' YouTube Host Nominated for Emmy Award!

"Hot Ones" YouTube host has been nominated for an Emmy Award! With the awards coming up in a few months, the list of nominees have started to be compiled. Being nominated alone is already an honor since being in that position is something not a lot of people get to do.

'Hot Ones' Sean Evans

Sean Evans announced on Twitter that he was nominated for an Emmy Award which is quite interesting since the show that Sean Evans is on, "Hot Ones," is actually a show on YouTube and not a regular TV show. It's very rare for a YouTuber to be nominated for an Emmy Award and who knows, Sean Evans might even win?

For those that haven't watched Sean Evans' "Hot Ones," it is a show where the host interviews a guest. Pretty standard right? Well, the twist is that both the host and the guests are eating hot wings from least spicy to the spiciest on the planet!

Guests of "Hot Ones"

While some of the participants are able to reach halfway, only few have survived the "Hot Ones" until the end eating every piece of Hot Ones hot sauce until the glorious, spiciest chicken wing at the end. Interviews can be quite boring but what about interviews done over hot wings?

The show is most famous for celebrities and other popular artists all struggling to eat hot wings. With every chicken wing, the challenge gets harder and harder as the wings get spicier and spicier. 

YouTube Journalism

Although the audience might not know how spicy the wings are, the reaction on the celebrities' faces alone are enough to tell just how much pain they are in. Participants are given a glass of milk and water whenever they feel like they can't handle the spiciness.

According to a reply on the Twitter post by Evan Ream, the nomination was actually well deserved. The comment noted that Evan was teaching journalism next year and for their section of interviewing, Evan will be showing the kids "Hot Ones" since they are actually excellent at researching subjects and even asking questions in a way that engages the audience.

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"Hot Ones" with Aubrey Plaza

There is actually an art to eating wings while conducting an interview. The thing about answers is that you are most honest when you usually can't pay too much thought and have to answer right away. This is something that happens in the "Hot Ones" where celebrities and guests might be in so much pain that they don't mind answering whatever questions thrown out at them.

It's refreshing to see how they either avoid or answer questions quickly whenever their tongue is on fire but still try to get to the next round. For those that want to see what the "Hot Ones" on YouTube is about, check out this interview with Aubrey Plaza that took place a year ago.

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