"Anonymous" Hacking Group vs. Elon Musk
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Anonymous, an international hacking organization, released a video made explicitly for Tesla's Elon Musk.

Over the last few weeks, Musk has constantly been tweeting or --trolling about bitcoin's value.

The infamous hacking group plans to target the billionaire because his rowdy tweets negatively affect the price of cryptocurrencies.

Musk is a famous personality known for previously promoting cryptocurrencies. However, he recently turned critical of the entire Bitcoin franchise ever since he suspended Tesla's plan on taking cryptocurrencies as payment for their cars. The suspensions stem from a concern about Bitcoin machines' energy use.

'Anonymous' on Exposing Elon Musk

The video is a clear testament to how the hacking group, Anonymous, feels about Elon Musk's recent social media activities.

According to Daily Mail, the group stated that Musk, Tesla's CEO, has too much power on his hands over the cryptocurrency markets. His attitude towards the market seems to tire the group, as he continues to be so cavalier.

In Musk's tweets, users found a cryptic message that seems to be an official, yet unclear profession of his breakup with the Bitcoin franchise. His tweet had the Bitcoin logo right next to a broken-heart emoji, and several attached memes on Bitcoin's plunging value.


Musk's tweet gravely affected Bitcoin - it experienced a 7 percent dive during trading on June 4, 2021.

As a result, the Anonymous group became even more frustrated with Musk.

In the video, the group's representative stated that millions of retail investors were counting on their cryptocurrency gains to improve their lives, which Elon Musk would never understand because he was born rich.

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The group, later on, said that Musk's family owned a South African apartheid emerald mine, which explains why Musk does not know what struggle is like for the ordinary working people across the globe.

Although the group acknowledged the fact that Bitcoin investors took a risk by investing in the volatility of crypto, Musk's tweets clearly showed his disregard for the average investors of Bitcoin.

Indeed, hardworking people's dreams were crushed entirely and liquidated over Musk's public tantrums. But the Tesla CEO seems unfazed as he continues to mock investors with memes about Bitcoin's decline in value.

Elon Musk - Superiority/Savior Complex?

Daily Mail stated that the hacking group claimed that Musk's personality is just a façade, and that he is presenting himself as someone different from who he truly is.

According to the hacktivists, Musk seems to present himself as a person who has an immense passion for the environment, with Tesla curving the digital currency. The group mentioned that it appears Musk's desire to save the world is deeply rooted in a "superiority and savior complex," more so than it is a concern for the world.

They claim he continues to hurt the working-class people with his tweets about the crypto markets.

There were even issues about his employees having to face intolerable working conditions under his supervision for multiple years.

The group also alleged that Musk has an overseas lithium mine with young children as his employees -- both affecting the children's disposition in life, and the local environment.

According to Anonymous, Elon Musk is not everything he says he is -- and they have already issued a veiled warning.

The group ended the video and stated that Musk has already met his match, and he should expect them.

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