Youtube: Moving to Google Cloud Service
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YouTube is moving some of its parts into Google Cloud Service from the tech company's internal data center infrastructure, announced by Google Cloud Head.

Google is an extremely popular tech company. It owns several franchises, one being the infamous video-sharing platform, YouTube. Recent reports mentioned that there might be a massive shift in placement for the app.

YouTube is a regular part of average individuals' daily routines, and it shows how important it is for people. With Google's decision to incorporate some of its features into their Google Cloud Service, other companies will have a better perspective on how the new platform can accommodate applications with heightened workloads.

YouTube's Migration to Google Cloud Service

According to CNBC, Google is looking to move several parts of their hit platform, YouTube, into their very own Google Cloud Service. It might be the company's attempt to persuade other larger companies to transfer their database as it could accommodate platforms with high workload demands.

The company's effort to integrate one of their biggest franchises into their Cloud Service indicated that the tech giant plans to expand its shares within the increasing cloud-computing market. As a result, the company is now less reliant on advertisements found in their search engine, and a few other properties.

Google is known for leaning towards its self-made systems to run its famous and widely used applications in various computer serves within its data centers. But on the contrary, the company's new Google Cloud platform is a separate database.

Google still has not done anything to migrate its search engine, such as the Google public cloud.

But according to the report, Google's perspective regarding the value of having its top-performing products utilize their cloud service as a third-party application recently changed.

Thomas Kurian recently said in an interview with CNBC that to develop the cloud, they have to trust it by having their services utilize it more and more, and that is precisely what is happening.

He later added that several parts of YouTube are moving towards Google Cloud.

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Is it Google's Attempt to Bring in More Partners?

By letting everyone know that they use their Cloud Service, the tech giant is now more at par with some of its primary U.S. competitors -- Microsoft and Amazon.

Kurian also mentioned that some other popular platforms from Google, such as Google Workspace (previously known as G Suite), DeepMind AI research group, and Waze navigation app, are leaning toward the Google Cloud Service infrastructure.

However, based on Amazon's Alexa analytics, YouTube is quite different because it is indeed the second-largest website on the entirety of the Internet.

The video platform has over 2 billion users monthly. It rapidly grew in 2006 when Google purchased it for $1.65 billion.

The company's decision to publicly announce that YouTube -- well, at least some parts of it -- will be under Google Cloud Service could boost its sales and stocks.

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