Tesla seems to be headed to its new objective after removing the radar of Model 3 and Model Y vehicles through the "Tesla Vision" transition that took effect as of Tuesday, May 25.

The features of the EVs have been impressive and worthwhile for car lovers. However, there are still downsides that have yet to be addressed by the automaker. The company, in connection to this adoption, has issued a warning that the autopilot features will have some limitations that users should consider--at first.

Now that the car manufacturer has stopped depending on the front-facing radar, computer vision will take over the Full Self-Driving technology that became the talk of the town over the last few months.

Tesla Decides to Remove the Radar o Model Y and Model 3 EVs

Elon Musk's Boring Company Demonstrates Transport Tunnel Underneath Las Vegas Convention Center
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LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - APRIL 09: A Tesla car drives through a tunnel in the Central Station during a media preview of the Las Vegas Convention Center Loop on April 9, 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Las Vegas Convention Center Loop is an underground transportation system that is the first commercial project by Elon Musk’s The Boring Company. The USD 52.5 million loop, which includes two one-way vehicle tunnels 40 feet beneath the ground and three passenger stations, will take convention attendees across the 200-acre convention campus for free in all-electric Tesla vehicles in under two minutes. To walk that distance can take upward of 25 minutes. The system is designed to carry 4,400 people per hour using a fleet of 62 vehicles at maximum capacity. It is scheduled to be fully operational in June when the facility plans to host its first large-scale convention since the COVID-19 shutdown. There are plans to expand the system throughout the resort corridor in the future.

According to a CNBC report, Tesla will now be ditching the radar set-up in exchange for the camera-based system to slot new autopilot features in the Model 3 and Model Y across North America. The transition called "Tesla Vision" will immediately be added by the company. Tesla will begin shipping cars with no radars this month in the target NA market.

Besides the camera vision, the Tesla EVs will have neural net processing which will be incorporated with the Full-Self Driving, autopilot, and other features that cover the safety of the electric vehicles. 

For those buyers who have pre-ordered before May, you will be tapped right away about the recent changes in the Tesla Vision so stay put on your Tesla accounts before the delivery schedule of your orders.

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Tesla Has a Warning for the Tesla Vision's Limitations

While the latest update sounds like a huge modification, the autopilot feature, Autosteer, will be subjected to some limitations for its Full Self-Driving package.

Last month, CEO Elon Musk teased that the upcoming FSD Beta v.9.0 would blow everyone's mind. However, it could mean two things: it would surprise us with its outstanding upgrades or limitations.

Going back to Autosteer, Tesla said that the driver can reach up to 75 mph, its maximum speed. Moreover, the Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance and the Smart Summon (if the person chooses to equip it) would be disabled by default upon the delivery.

Tesla is always obsessed with the recently-launched software updates that always surpass its traditional counterparts. Maybe what has arrived this week could be a big boost to others' experience. Over several wireless updates, Tesla will be adding Tesla Vision. Depending on the order configuration, the FSD and Autopilot features could be activated as early as now before the car reaches its home.

The early access program paved the way for the company's FSD program to give birth to the most present-day development. After calling it "mind-blowing," Musk said that their cars are now prepared for a higher level of the autonomous driving system--Level 5 Autonomy at the end of 2021.

The businessman added besides Model Y and Model 3, the Model S and Model X will be having a Tesla Vision. However, he has not yet confirmed the exact date of the transition, Electrek reported.

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