Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is just hours away from bringing its festivities online, and the public is getting excited for what the Cupertino giant has in store for its fans and enthusiasts. One of the largest rumors to be unveiled is the MacBook Pro 2021 redesign, which was speculated to be with a new M2 chip and the announcement of the iOS 15.

Apple WWDC
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The WWDC has been a yearly tradition for Apple, and it would be its second time to hold its festivities in the online spectrum, under compliance with the health protocols against the COVID-19 pandemic. And while it would bring yet another online conference that is free for everyone to participate in within the comforts of their home, it is worth to witness especially if looking for new gadgets.

Last WWDC 2020 revealed the initial plans of Apple for its ARM-based Silicon chip, which was then fitted and released with November 2020's M1 MacBook Pro, Air, and Mac Mini that has been a hit to users. It also talked about the macOS 11 Big Sur, along with the iPhone and iPad's iOS 14, which were released in September's Fall event.

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Apple WWDC 2021: What to Expect

The Earth is near completing its one-year revolution since the last WWDC (June 22, 2020), and it has come in weeks earlier this year, with its festivities starting this Monday, June 7. Apple is inviting developers of all sorts, alongside the general public to witness the new things to come for the Cupertino giant's assortment of releases and plans for the company.

MacBook Pro Redesign 2021

Apple MacBook Pro M1
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Speculations and rumors are all about the MacBook Pro 2021's unveiling of this WWDC 2021, and according to Tom's Guide, it is one device that is expected by analysts to be mentioned here. Moreover, this is something that fans of the professional Apple laptop want to be launched at this event, bringing the promised new features like the MagSafe's port to return.

Fans and speculators also await the new macOS 12, which is still nameless and under heavy rumors only, following the yearly update of the PC's operating system in Mac's environment.

iOS 15

Apple's New iOS 15
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The next big thing that people wants to see and speculates for the WWDC is the release of the next software for the smartphone and tablets, and it is with the iOS 15. This would be just in time for the next-generation iPhones and operating system for release in the third quarter of the year, with speculations in October, just like last year's "Hi, Speed" event.

Apple's M2 Silicon Chip

However, much like the "One More Thing" event in 2020, the public is also awaiting the redesign or upgrade to the all-powerful M1 Silicon Chip from Apple, and be this year's massive drop from the company. This is the second version of the ARM-based Silicon chip found within Macs, the M2, which would be the M1's successor.

How to Watch the WWDC 2021

Currently, these devices and drops are all part of speculations and rumors that are highly expected by people to appear in WWDC 2021, and may not necessarily be mentioned in the upcoming event. Apple will be opening its live streams via the Apple website and YouTube to witness the event, which would take place in the coming days of the week.

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