'Final Fantasy 7 Remake' Intergrade Release Date PS5 | Everything You Need to Know About the 'FF7 Remake' Update
(Photo : Screenshot From Square Enix Website) 'Final Fantasy 7 Remake' Intergrade Release Date PS5 | Everything You Need to Know About the 'FF7 Remake' Update

"Final Fantasy 7" remake has already launched last year on the Sony PlayStation 4 after over a decade of gamers anticipating the game. As of the moment, there is only very little known about the game's sequel. The original game is being split up into a number of different games.

Final Fantasy 7 PS5 Release Date

According to the story by CNet, gamers might find out just a little more about the new "Final Fantasy 7" intergrade remake when it launches this coming June 10 on the PlayStation 5. There are a few things you might want to know about the FF7 remake intergrade before it launches.

The new "Final Fantasy 7" intergrade remake also shows two parts. The first part is a visually-improved version of the previous FF7 remake. The second part of the said package is going to be the EPISODE INTERmission which is a DLC content starring Yuffie Kisaragi, another fan-favorite character from the original game.

FF7 Focus on Yuffie

The game is expected to launch on the PlayStation 5. Some time last year, the "Final Fantasy 7" remake still did not entirely remake the previous PS1 classic but had rather made it into the first section of the official game. The remake now ends as Cloud Strife along with the gang decide to leave Midcag, which is technically before they had ever met Yuffie.

As such, the game's materia thief was actually not featured in the game last year, which is why fans are now quite excited to see her yet again. The intergrade will be adding a number of features to the "Final Fantasy 7" remake, most of which actually revolve around the game's graphics.

Square Enix Final Fantasy 7 Intergrade Remake Specs

Square Enix notes that the textures and the lighting will eventually be improved. The improvements, if they are noticeable, are still quite questionable. Since the previous game was pretty fine already, the newer game might have faster loading times to top the previous one off.

According to a Twitter post by PlayStation Game Size, there are a few things gamers ought to be prepared with the new "Final Fantasy 7" remake intergrade PS5.

  • Game size: 81.338GB (without the Day One Patch)(in the US region)

  • PS4 size reminder: 85.965GB

  • Preload starts: June 8

  • Launch start: June 10

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Here's what you might expect of the FF7 remake intergrade:

  • There are options between Performance Mode and the Graphics Mode. The previous game prioritizes 4K resolution while the latter prioritizes 60 FPS gameplay.

  • There will be a photo mode included in the game.

  • There will be haptic feedback through the Dual Sense controller

Gamers will be able to get a free upgrade to the "Final Fantasy 7" Intergrade remake on the PlayStation 4. They won't, however, be getting the full Intergrade package but just the improved version of the FF7 remake EPISODE INTERmission that is also sold separately as a DLC costing $20.

For those that don't own the PlayStation 4 version of the game, they will be able to buy the whole Intergrade package for the price of $70.

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