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Uber PIN code is the company's new way of stopping people from getting into the wrong car. This new safety solution was developed by the company to help minimize the risk of accidents where people step into cars they weren't meant to step on.

Uber Pin Code Feature

According to Engadget, Uber is currently taking additional steps to try and prevent riders from being able to get into wrong cars. As of this week, all of the passengers in the United States and Canada will have the option of supplying some sort of PIN code to their drivers in order to verify that the passengers indeed end up in the right vehicle.

The feature also comes in different options which would make everything more convenient for Uber users. Basically, users can enable this feature in their settings and require a PIN verification for every single ride. There is, however, an option to limit the rides that would require a PIN verification.

How to Use Uber PIN Code

Settings that can be enabled is to use the PIN feature for just night trips taking place from 9PM to 6AM. The trip will also not officially start until the driver would enter their code to make sure that they are the right driver after all. The frequency of PIN code requirements really depends on the user.

The company initially previewed the PIN code feature back in September and until now, it was only available as just a part of a seven-city pilot that had started in December. Although remaining unstated, the feature is quite clearly a response, according to Engadget, to the murder of a Samantha Josephson.

Death of Samantha Josepphson

Samatha Josephson was a student who had ended up entering the wrong car after hailing an Uber ride, as per CNN. Although Uber has long displayed the car model as well as license plate number of the drivers after users hail them (which only started sending push notifications to this particular effect in April) not everyone actually pays attention to them.

Those that might not be paying attention could end up hopping in the wrong car. PIN codes quite theoretically prevent similar tragedies. Although they remain voluntary in nature, it might still limit use to people who are already quite cautious about the particular cars that they choose to enter in.

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Uber PIN Requirement

Generally, whenever getting an Uber ride, it is very important to check the model of the car as well as the plate number before getting into any particular car. With the additional PIN code requirements, users will have another feature that could help protect them from getting into the wrong car.

With a PIN code, users can verify if they are in the right car before actually getting in. This feature, although not perfect, provides an additional layer of security for the rider.

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