'Call of Duty: Mobile' Gets Whole New Studio by Activision to Focus Solely on Mobile Platforms
(Photo : Screenshot From Call of Duty Website) 'Call of Duty: Mobile' Gets Whole New Studio by Activision to Focus Solely on Mobile Platforms

"Call of Duty: Mobile" now gets a whole new studio by Activision for them to focus solely on making games on the mobile platform. Activision now looks like it is creating a whole new studio dedicated to "Call of Duty" games.

'Call of Duty' Activision New Studio

According to the story by ComicBook, the publisher has still not yet made any type of official announcement regarding the new studio. The existence, however, has not yet made any particular type of official announcement regarding its new studio.

Although one might contact Activision to try to get to the center of everything, its existence, however, has leaked thanks to a certain job listing on the official Activision website. The position is for a certain systems designer and the whole development is now listed merely as the "Mobile Studio."

AAA Mobile Game Development

Given that this actually comes directly from Activision, it is safe to assume that readers are getting a brand new "Call of Duty" game on its way to other mobile platforms. However, as of the moment of this writing, there are no further details about the mobile studio.

There is evidence found in a certain job listing that states that Activision Mobile is going to be a new in-house studio that is dedicated to developing the world's best AAA mobile games. It was also noted that their first project is a brand new AAA mobile title within the whole "Call of Duty" franchise and that they are looking for additional great talent from mobile, console, and even PC backgrounds that are passionate about their work.

Activision Mobile Job Listing

The job listing is now looking for people who share their belief in what AAA experiences on the mobile platform can and should be. The studio is reportedly based in Santa Monica, California, though the official position is expected to start out remote due to the whole ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 

The listing now goes on to state that the work on the upcoming new AAA mobile game in the whole "Call of Duty" franchise has now begun. Unfortunately, however, it is quite unclear exactly regarding how far development might actually be, given now that the new studio is. Check out the full job posting right here.

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Mobile Game Competition

Some time last month, Tencent officially confirmed that the Activision mobile game "Call of Duty" Online will be ending somewhere in China. The game also had quite an impressive run in the region, so its conclusion now makes a lot more sense as now people know that Activision will be working on yet another game.

"Call of Duty: Mobile" has already been quite a huge success for the publisher. It seems like the company is going to expand its general focus in order to offer additional "Call of Duty" games on the said platform. Gamers might be able to expect more "Call of Duty" mobile games as the creation of Activision Mobile is coming in hot.

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