FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) confirmed that it was able to arrest the sellers of Anom encrypted devices, offering these phones to various crime groups.   

Anom Encrypted Phone Sellers Finally Caught By FBI: Here's How the Agency Discovers Them
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The FBI seal is on display during a conference with Attorney General John Ashcroft June 21, 2001 in Washington, DC. Ashcroft announced the indictments of 13 Saudis and one Lebanese in connection with the 1996 Khobar Towers bombing that killed 19 American servicemen in Saudi Arabia.

If you don't know what an Anom mobile phone is, it's a device that can provide users total secrecy when it comes to communications. This means that if you send someone a text message or give them a call, no one will ever know your conversation. 

Since the Anom phone can provide 100% privacy, some violent crime groups are using it to communicate with one another without getting caught. This is also the main reason why some individuals are using it to do illegal activities. 

To give you more idea, here are other details of the FBI's latest arrest. 

FBI Arrested Anom Phone Sellers

According to Computer Weekly's latest report, the Federal Bureau of Investigation's latest activity leads to over 500 arrests of criminals involved in money laundering, violent crime, drug tracking, and other illegal activities. 

Anom Encrypted Phone Sellers Finally Caught By FBI: Here's How the Agency Discovers Them
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Participant hold their laptops in front of an illuminated wall at the annual Chaos Computer Club (CCC) computer hackers' congress, called 29C3, on December 28, 2012 in Hamburg, Germany. The 29th Chaos Communication Congress (29C3) attracts hundreds of participants worldwide annually to engage in workshops and lectures discussing the role of technology in society and its future.

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Because of the Anom phone's efficiency, the arrested distributors described these devices as designed by criminals for criminals. On the other hand, here are the names that the federal agency disclosed: 

  • Abdelhakim Aharchaou
  • Edwin Harmendra Kumar
  • Seyyed Hossein Hosseini
  • Alexander Dmitrienko
  • Osemah Elhassen
  • Omar Malik and Miwand Zakhimi
  • Shane Geoffrey May

These arrested individuals were discovered residing in Spain, Australia, the Netherlands, and other parts of the globe.  

FBI Also Uses Anom Phones? 

Anom phones are not only used for crimes. FBI also used these devices to catch around 800 suspected criminals. PC Mag reported on June 9 that the security agency used an encrypted chat platform that accommodated various illegal actors. 

Thanks to the Anom company's help, the FBI was able to use an entirely different strategy to tackle the challenge of encryption. 

"When we took down Phantom Secure in 2018, we found the criminal organizations moved quickly to back-up options with other encrypted platforms," said Jamie Arnold, FBI San Diego Assistant Special Agent in Charge. 

Aside from normal crimes, Anom phones can also be used in hacking activities. If malicious actors can execute them properly, it can lead to massive breaches, such as the iConstituent breach.  

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