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Father Who Thought He Donated Daughter's Body To Science Duped By Alleged Black Market Organ Traders

A heartbroken father who thought he donated his daughter's body to science has been duped by black market organ traders in Illinois. The suspect charged with the felony is still a funeral director in the state.

Feature | Health May 1, 2019

Cancer Center Fires Researchers For Allegations Of Stealing Research For China

Three scientists working at MD Anderson Cancer Center were dismissed due to allegations of stealing data for the Chinese government. However, the Chinese-American community claimed the move amounted to racial profiling.

Feature | Health April 21, 2019

DNA Testing Company FamilyTreeDNA Now Allows Users To Block FBI Access To Their Genetic Data

After it had received backlash from customers, DNA testing company FamilyTreeDNA decided to change its terms of service that would allow users to prevent law enforcement agencies from accessing their genetic data.

March 14, 2019

FBI Investigates Mysterious Evacuated Solar Observatory In New Mexico

The FBI reportedly shut down and evacuated the Sunspot Solar Observatory in New Mexico. No reason was divulged to the public, but the site has remained close and deserted for over a week.

Space September 16, 2018

Apple's USB Restricted Mode To Make Cracking iPhones Harder For Criminals, Police

Apple has outed the upcoming USB Restricted Mode, and it'll give criminals a tougher time breaking into iPhones. However, in the same vein, law enforcement will also face the same difficulties.

Apple June 13, 2018

US Police Buying Graykey iPhone Unlock Tool That Can Crack Even iOS 11 Devices

Federal law enforcement and local police departments have reportedly been purchasing GrayKey, an encryption-bypassing tool that allows them to crack iPhones. GrayKey use among law enforcement is reportedly on the rise, as the technology can crack even iOS 11 devices.

Apple April 15, 2018

iPhone Hacking Tool Used By FBI In San Bernardino Case Will Remain A Secret

A federal court ruled that the FBI can keep the vendor and price of its iPhone hacking tool a secret. The tool was used to unlock the iPhone 5C of one of the shooters of the 2015 San Bernardino tragedy.

Apple October 2, 2017

President Trump Fires FBI Director James Comey: Here's How Politicians And Ordinary People Are Reacting

President Donald Trump has startlingly fired FBI Director James Comey over his mishandling of the Hillary Clinton email probe. Here are the reactions from some Democrats, Republicans, and Twitter users.

Life & Style May 10, 2017

Michael Flynn Agrees To Submit Himself For Questioning In Exchange For Immunity: Is He Guilty?

Former national security adviser Michael Flynn wants immunity in exchange for information on President Donald Trump’s possible ties with Russia, a year after he insinuated that asking for immunity is a sign of guilt.

Feature | Culture April 1, 2017

FBI Drops Child Pornography Case To Avoid Disclosing Tor Vulnerability

U.S. prosecutors had to dismiss a case against a former school worker accused of child pornography because the FBI refused to reveal its investigative techniques. The case revolves around the Tor-hosted Playpen, a popular child pornography site that the FBI briefly hijacked.

Business Tech March 7, 2017

Google Must Submit Emails Stored In Foreign Servers To The FBI, US Judge Rules

Google must hand over emails from a foreign server as part of an FBI probe, a U.S. judge has ruled. The company, however, plans to repeal the ruling, relying on a precedent set by a similar case involving Microsoft.

Google February 6, 2017

iOS Crack That FBI Used Is Now Released To Public Via Hacker Dump

The backdoor tool used by the FBI to unlock the iPhone owned by one of the San Bernardino shooters is already available on the web. It was published by a hacker in an online code repository called Pastebin.

Apple February 5, 2017

Twitter Speaks Out On FBI Data Requests As Gag Orders Are Lifted: Did The Government Overstep Legal Boundaries?

The FBI may have overstepped legal boundaries in seeking user data from Twitter, issuing surveillance orders without warrants and adding gag orders to keep it secret. As the gag orders expired, Twitter speaks out.

Business Tech January 28, 2017

New Evidence In D. B. Cooper Case Points To Possible Connection Between Boeing And The Famed Hijacker

Fresh leads have surfaced on the 1971 D.B. Cooper hijacking case. According to a team of amateur scientists, the clip tie the hijacker used had been found with traces pointing to alleged links to Boeing.

Life & Style January 16, 2017

NSA Can Now Share Your Data With CIA, FBI, Homeland Security And Other Government Intelligence Agencies

The NSA is now allowed to share raw surveillance data with all the 16 national security agencies. It is now authorized to tap in and share your voice calls, text messages and emails with various security agencies.

Security January 13, 2017

FBI Launched Probe Into FDIC Hack: Was China Really Behind The Security Breach?

A Reuters report revealed that the FBI has launched an investigation into the security breaches that had affected the FDIC starting 2010. The hackers behind the attacks were said to be sponsored by the Chinese military.

Security December 24, 2016

Google Releases 8 National Security Letters Sent By The FBI Between 2010 And 2015

Google has published eight National Security Letters sent by the FBI from 2010 to 2015 seeking access to user data. The letters were published as part of Google’s transparency report.

Business Tech December 14, 2016

Yahoo Scanned User Emails For US Intelligence's Benefit: Importance Of End-To-End Encryption Highlighted

A Reuters report exposed that Yahoo scanned millions of its users' emails in behalf of the U.S. intelligence officials. The move allegedly prompted the resignation of its top IT security officer.

Security October 5, 2016

Apple CEO Tim Cook Talks Augmented Reality And Privacy At Utah Tech Tour, Says Encryption 'Makes The Public Safe'

Tim Cook talked about the importance of privacy and the potential of virtual reality technology. He was hosted by Utah senator Orrin Hatch during the Utah Technology Council.

Apple October 3, 2016

News Groups Suing FBI For Information On How The Agency Cracked San Bernardino iPhone

Three news organizations have come together to sue the FBI over the hack of the San Bernardino iPhone. They believe the information on how the hack was achieved needs to be released to the public, and as such, they are looking to the courts to force the agency to concede.

Security September 16, 2016

FBI Helps Take Down 2 Israeli Teens Behind vDOS: Online Service For DDoS Attacks Made Over $600,000 In 2 Years

An FBI investigation led to the arrest of two Israeli teens who are behind the paid online service vDOS. Through the platform, customers can request DDoS attacks and pay amounts depending on how long the attacks will last.

Security September 12, 2016

How NOT To Handle Classified Information: Lessons From The FBI Probe On Hillary Clinton's Emails

The FBI released on Friday a redacted summary of its investigation into Hillary Clinton's private email server. The personal email account was used to communicate classified government information.

Feature | Tech September 3, 2016

'Heroes Of The Storm' Player Arrested, Faces 5 Years In Prison After Threatening Blizzard Entertainment

Stephen Cebula, a 28-year-old 'Heroes of the Storm' player, now faces five years of jail time and a hefty fine of $250,000 after threatening to injure Blizzard employees. Blizzard has been paying more attention to racist and harassing statements from gamers.

Video Games July 23, 2016

FBI Budget For Surveillance Tech To Reach Close To $1B: What Is The Money Spent On?

With the request for additional budget of over $100 million for next year, the budget of the FBI's Operational Technology Division inches closer to $1 billion. The amount has been revealed in a roundtable discussion on encryption.

Security June 26, 2016

The FBI Can Still Spy On You Even If You're Using Tor And Don't Ask Why

A U.S. District Court judge has handed down a ruling suggesting that the FBI can hack a U.S. citizen's computer without a warrant. The decision means that the bureau can even spy on Americans, who use Tor to hide their online footprint.

Security June 26, 2016

Yahoo Releases National Security Letters After FBI Drops Gag Order: This Is What The Gov't Knows About You

Yahoo published three national security letters on June 1 after the FBI dropped the gag order to comply with the USA Freedom Act. Here is what the government now knows about those Yahoo users.

Security June 2, 2016

Mozilla Denied Request To Learn How Feds Hacked Firefox

Mozilla almost got word of an important security flaw in its Firefox browser, but a U.S. judge ruled against it. The vulnerability was detected by the FBI in the Tor browser while investigating a child porn network.

Business Tech May 19, 2016

Judge Orders iPhone Fingerprint Unlock, A First For A Federal Case: Is This Constitutional?

A judge ordered a woman to unlock her iPhone after authorities obtained a search warrant. Just 45 minutes after being taken into custody, the woman in question had her finger pressed on the phone's fingerprint scanner so prosecutors could access its data.

Business Tech May 3, 2016

Supreme Court Approves Rule Change That Gives FBI More Hacking Power, But Congress Can Still Reject Or Modify It

The U.S. Supreme Court has approved a change in Rule 41, which essentially grants more hacking powers to the FBI. However, the Congress can alter or reject the rule outright before Dec. 1, if it so chooses.

Life & Style April 29, 2016

FBI Arrest Oregon Man For Threatening To Shoot President Obama

The FBI arrested John Martin Roos because of his threats of shooting President Barack Obama. The accused man from Medford in Oregon, also used Facebook to start a revolution in the U.S.

Life & Style April 29, 2016

FBI Shares iPhone And Mac Vulnerability Information With Apple

Apple claims that the information shared by the FBI pertained to older versions of its iPhone and Mac products.

Apple April 27, 2016

FBI Intends To Keep Hacking Tool Used In San Bernardino iPhone Secret

The FBI got help from a third party to access the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone, but may keep the details to itself. The government agency is hesitant to release the data to Apple following the highly-publicized case.

Apple April 27, 2016

Feds Successfully Access New York Drug Case iPhone, Drops Court Case Against Apple Again

Authorities have successfully gained access into the iPhone 5s involved in the New York drug case. As a result, they have dropped the case against Apple.

Business Tech April 23, 2016

Creators Of SpyEye Banking Trojan Sentenced To 24 Years In Prison

The creators of the SpyEye botnet creation kit - Aleksandr Andreevich Panin and Hamza Bendelladj - have been sentenced to a combined 24 years and 6 months in prison by the US DOJ.

Security April 23, 2016

FBI Paid More Than $1 Million To Access San Bernardino iPhone

The FBI handed over more than $1 million for a hacking tool to break into the iPhone involved in the San Bernardino shooting, about seven years and four months' worth of the salary of Director James Comey.

Business Tech April 22, 2016

BlackBerry Takes Pride In Encryption And Security, But Canadian Police Have VIP Access To BlackBerry Phones

BlackBerry is one of the fortresses of digital encryption and security but some authorities have special access to its devices, according to recent reports. The Canadian police is reportedly able to peruse your BBM messages, as it has the right key.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech April 15, 2016

FBI Reportedly Hired Professional Hackers To Crack San Bernardino iPhone

The FBI is said to have paid professional hackers to break through the encryption of the iPhone 5c used by one of the perpetrators in the San Bernardino shooting last year. The hackers reportedly created hardware that took advantage of a previously unknown flaw in iOS 9.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech April 13, 2016

FBI Director Covers His Laptop's Webcam With Tape: Why? Should You Do It?

The FBI has recently been pushing Apple to reveal its data encryption methods. Its director’s latest statement, however, seems to contradict what the FBI has been pushing for in courts.

Internet April 11, 2016

Feds Still Prod Apple To Unlock iPhone In New York Drug Case

Despite success in unlocking the iPhone 5c of the San Bernardino shooter, the government is continuing to arm-twist Apple to unlock another smartphone. The Justice Department has filed an appeal for Apple's assistance in accessing iPhone data in relation to a New York drug case.

Legal April 10, 2016

FBI Can Now Crack The iPhone 5c, But Will Feds Tell Apple How They Did It?

The FBI has already managed to access the iPhone 5c involved in the San Bernardino shooting. The big question now is whether or not the authorities will tell Apple how.

Legal April 9, 2016

The Case Lingers On: The FBI's iPhone Hack Only Works On iPhone 5C And Older Models

FBI director James Comey revealed the hack used to unlock the San Bernardino shooter's iPhone only will work with select iPhone models like the iPhone 5c.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech April 7, 2016

Game Of Phones: Did FBI Work With Cellebrite To Break iPhone's Encryption?

The FBI has found someone, other than Apple, to crack open the San Bernardino iPhone. Some anonymous sources are saying its long-time FBI collaborator Cellebrite, while others are saying another party came forward with a way past the phone's encryption.

Legal April 3, 2016

FBI Wants To Help Law Enforcement Authorities Unlock iPhone: 'We Are In This Together'

The FBI is considering showing local law enforcement agencies how it managed to get past the encryption on the San Bernardino iPhone. "We are in this together," the FBI says.

Legal April 3, 2016

FBI Agrees To Help Unlock iPhone 6, iPod That Might Hold Evidence In Arkansas Murder Trial

The FBI has agreed to assist prosecutors in unlocking an iPhone 6 and an iPod that could contain evidence related to a murder case in Arkansas. It is not determined, however, if the FBI would use the same method to unlock the iPhone used by Syed Farook in the San Bernardino shooting.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech March 31, 2016

It's Not Just iPhones: Feds Also Asked Google To Help Unlock Android Phones, ACLU Reveals

The Feds recently cracked down hard on Apple to unlock an iPhone, but such practices are nothing new. Both Apple and Google received requests to break into phones on at least 63 occasions, the ACLU reveals.

Legal March 31, 2016

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