Microsoft has released a teaser video of Windows 11's startup sound, making a "slo-fi" version of the audio clip that has been edited to be slow 4,000 percent compared to its normal version. This was seen by several users as Microsoft teasing the public ahead of the June 24 event which would be the showcase and initial launch of the operating system.

Microsoft Unveils New Surface Laptop
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A view of the new Microsoft Surface Laptop following a Microsoft launch event, May 2, 2017 in New York City. The Windows 10 S operating system is geared toward the education market and is Microsoft's answer to Google's Chrome OS.

Windows has been around since 1985, and it says a lot about the operating system which has been one of the mainstays for computers and the top choice around the world. Microsoft's Windows still holds the largest user base across the world, beating that of Apple's macOS, Google's Chrome OS, and Ubuntu's Linux. With this, it is only fitting for Microsoft to tease its beloved computer operating system.

The latest of Microsoft's technology was last released in 2015, with Windows 10, and has been six years in distribution, circulation, and use of the public. Now, the company aims to debut its next-generation operating system for June 24, which was initially teased in Microsoft's very own developer's conference called "Microsoft Build" last May 25 to 27.

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Microsoft Teases Windows 11 Startup Sound

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Microsoft Windows 10X discontinued

Earlier this Thursday, June 10, Microsoft has released a teaser video of a "Windows Startup sound" via their official YouTube Channel but has not specified which version it was of the OS. Most speculations point out to it is the Windows 11 (unconfirmed), and not those of the past operating system startup sounds from Microsoft.

On the previous versions of the sound, it was a mandatory melody that would be played on most PCs, provided that they are hooked up to an external speaker for desktops, and built-in speakers for laptops. Moreover, older versions have a more mandatory startup sound, meaning that they cannot be changed, unlike the current version.

On Windows 10, there is a way to change the default and iconic Windows startup sound from the computer's settings, and it could be anything that the user wants or desires. However, this sound was mostly untouched and unchanged, hence, it being an iconic sound throughout every boot or restart of the computer.

Microsoft Windows 11 Release Date: How to Watch

Windows Event June 24
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Microsoft's Windows 11 showcase on June 24 would still be in an online setup of an event, especially as COVID-19 restrictions are observed and that events are not yet permitted to take place in massive numbers. Users can either tune in to Microsoft's website, which already has a placeholder for the event in the next, next Thursday.

Alternatively, Microsoft's YouTube channel is expected to have a live showcase of the event as well.

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