Apple to Collaborate with BMW veteran for 'Project Titan'
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Apple Inc., a tech giant that has already proven itself effective in the tech industry, is working on a new project: an electric car.

The company labeled it as "Project Titan," and rumors have it that former BMW executive and EV Canoo startup co-founder Ulrich Kranz will be working on the project.

According to Business Insider, Apple hired Kranz into the project about one month after the latter let go of his CEO position in the EV startup company, Canoo. 

Apple' Project Titan' - the Best of the Best

According to a recent The Verge report, Apple seems to be partnering with the best people in the EV industry. As per Bloomberg, Kranz has been reporting to Doug Field, Tesla's former executive, now the head of Apple's electric vehicle Project Titan.

Field recently confirmed to The Verge that Kranz is indeed a part of the tech giant's Project Titan.

According to reports, Apple plans to have a fully functioning self-driving electric car soon. The company has also had several meetings with Kia, Nissan, and Hyundai about possible partnerships, which could work well for all companies considering they are all exceptional in the tech and vehicle industry.

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However, it is essential to know that Apple has never confirmed its plans in building an Apple electric car -- well, publicly, at least.

Kranz's History

Kranz is a big deal in the vehicle industry because he has extensive experience in BMW, totaling 30 years. He also became a senior vice president for approximately 15 years during his stay in BMW.

As a leading executive in BMW, Kranz took part in developing massive car models like Minis, sports cars, and BMW's first SUV. 

Kranz also led the company's Project I, and is responsible for designing electric vehicles to be used in large cities.

As Kranz said his goodbyes to BMW, he spent three months as Faraday Future's Chief Technology Officer before starting his own EV company, Canoo, back in 2017.

Apple's Electric Car - 'Project Titan'

Apple's new electric self-driving car is internally referred to as Project Titan."The reason behind its name is still unclear until now, but we can assume that the vehicle will be powerful.

The Cupertino-based tech company recently patented several vehicular features, and CEO Tim Cook has hinted that they are working on an electric vehicle project.

However, he also said that most of Apple's ideas hardly see the light of day.

Various reports have different claims on the car's release date. Reuters reported that Apple would release it by 2024. Still, Bloomberg recently concluded that the vehicle is nowhere near ready for production, and could take Apple at least five to seven years to manufacture it.

If Project Titan pushes through, Apple would be one of the phone-maker giants slowly leaning into the electric vehicle company.

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