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Apple Confirms Rumored Layoffs At Its Self-Driving Car Division Project Titan

Apple is letting go some of its employees under its autonomous vehicle program, Project Titan. The layoffs, which will mostly affect engineers, takes effect in mid April.

Apple February 28, 2019

First Apple Self-Driving Car Accident Confirmed, But It's A Human's Fault

Apple's self-driving car project reached a new milestone, but not the kind that the company wants. A modified Lexus SUV, outfitted with Apple's driverless vehicle technology, was recently involved in an accident for the first time.

Apple September 3, 2018

Former Apple Employee Stole Project Titan Trade Secrets, Then Tried To Flee To China

A former Apple hardware engineer, who allegedly stole Project Titan trade secrets, was arrested while boarding a flight to escape to China. The criminal complaint on the matter also revealed interesting information about the secretive self-driving car project.

Apple July 11, 2018

Apple Self-Driving Car Project To Make Driverless Employee Shuttles With Volkswagen

The once ambitious Project Titan, Apple's efforts on self-driving car technology, has been relegated to driverless Volkswagen shuttles for employees. The partnership comes after Apple was rejected by BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

Apple May 24, 2018

Apple Self-Driving Car Test Fleet Expands To 27 Lexus SUVs In California

Apple has increased the number of its self-driving car test fleet in California to 27 Lexus RX450h hybrid SUVs. The company, however, remains very secretive about Project Titan.

Apple January 26, 2018

Apple Self-Driving Car Tech Spotted In Silicon Valley, And It Looks Kind Of Weird

The self-driving car technology that Apple is working on has been spotted in the streets of Silicon Valley., but it looks weird compared to other such systems. What does it mean for the future of Project Titan?

Apple October 18, 2017

Apple Rents SUVs From Hertz To Test Self-Driving Vehicle Tech: Is Project Titan Too Far Behind?

Apple leased a small fleet of Lexus RX450h SUVs from the Donlen fleet management unit of rental company Hertz to test its self-driving vehicle technology. Project Titan is still alive, but is it too far behind from its competitors?

Apple June 28, 2017

Blizzard Admits That 'Overwatch' Mexico Map Is Based On The Wrong Country

'Overwatch' game director Jeff Kaplan revealed that the Mexican map Dorado was based on another country. He blamed the mistake on lazy game developers who researched using Google Images.

Video Games February 23, 2017

Top Engineer At Porsche Was Poached By Apple: Report

Apple reportedly poached Porsche engineer Alexander Hitzinger early in 2016 for its top secret automated vehicle project. The Cupertino company's dreams of an iCar might not be dead just yet.

Apple December 20, 2016

Tim Cook Keeps Mum About Apple Car Plans But Says Technologies Could 'Revolutionize The Car Experience'

Tim Cook issued a vague statement that could point to a possible autonomous car plan during Apple's Q4 2016 earnings call. The statement received some attention because of previous reports that reveal Apple is shelving Project Titan.

Apple October 27, 2016

Project Titan Headed Down The Gutter: Hundreds Of Layoffs, Apple Car Not Happening

Apple reportedly hit a wall with Project Titan and it's now dismantling and reorganizing the team amid hundreds of layoffs and departures. The Apple Car will apparently never happen, but expect some autonomous driving system in the future.

Apple October 17, 2016

After Quashed McLaren Acquisition Rumor, Is Apple Now Buying A Self-Balancing All-Electric Motorcycle Maker?

Apple might not be buying McLaren, but new rumors suggest that it is now looking to acquire Lit Motors. The startup is developing the C-1, which is a self-balancing and all-electric motorcycle.

Apple September 23, 2016

Apple Lets Go Dozens Of Employees From Project Titan: Report

Apple's self-driving car research and development is experiencing setbacks as indicated by recent multiple departures. This is also attributed to a shift from a focus on building an autonomous vehicle to the development of autonomous software systems.

Apple September 12, 2016

Apple's Self-Driving Car Project Rebooted: Layoffs, Tests And Shift To Software

Apple has been shaking things up within Project Titan, according to a new report. Amid dozens of layoffs and a refocus on software, however, the company reportedly started real-world testing on a closed track.

Apple September 10, 2016

Apple Project Titan Seemingly Focusing On Self-Driving Software As Former BlackBerry QNX CEO Joins The Team

Apple recently boosted its Project Titan team by hiring ex-QNX CEO Dan Dodge. Apple faced some turbulence at the executive level in its autonomous car project, but Dodge’s arrival could set things back on track.

Apple July 29, 2016

Apple Places Former Hardware Exec Bob Mansfield In Charge Of Project Titan

Apple has chosen highly regarded senior executive Bob Mansfield to lead the secretive Project Titan, according to a Wall Street Journal report. Mansfield played an integral role in the development and release of several iconic Apple products.

Apple July 26, 2016

Excited For The Apple Car? Sorry, Launch Pushed Back A Year To 2021 As Challenges Pile Up

A report by The Information revealed that the release of the electric Apple Car has been pushed back to 2021. One of the reasons for the delay could be due to self-driving capabilities that will come with the vehicle.

Apple July 22, 2016

Apple Is Apparently Looking To Buy Formula 1: Does This Make Sense?

Rumors state that Apple is the latest bidder to acquire the financially struggling, high-speed racing championship Formula 1. Why would a smartphone manufacturer have any interest in acquiring a racing series?

Apple July 14, 2016

Apple Hires Former Tesla Engineer, Hints At Prototyping Car Parts

Apple has reportedly hired a former Tesla vehicle engineer to head its special project codenamed Project Titan. The company is on a hiring spree, even poaching from rivals, to make its electric car dream come true.

Apple April 25, 2016

Project Titan Reloaded: Apple Reportedly Running Super Secret, Top Class Lab In Berlin For Cars Of The Future

Apple has reportedly employed 15 to 20 people in a secret car lab in Berlin to work on cars of the future. The 'progressive thinkers' are reportedly operating the lab as an incubator, taking 'Project Titan' to the next level.

April 19, 2016

Apple Car Plans Are An 'Illness' Says Sergio Marchionne: Just Leave Car Making To The Big Boys

Apple may be seriously planning to build its own car, but Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne believes a collaboration with carmakers is the company's best move. Marchionne gave his statement at the Geneva Auto Show when asked by journalists.

FUTURE TECH March 3, 2016

Google And Apple Are Serious About Making Cars, Says Daimler Chief

It's a well-known fact that Google has an autonomous vehicle project well underway - it has talked about it and even tested it publicly. Apple, however, has kept mum on its automotive endeavors, but Daimler's Chairman has further revealed that the iPhone maker is also going to be car maker too in the near future.

FUTURE TECH January 26, 2016

Apple Project Titan In Trouble As Project Head Leaves The Company For ‘Personal Reasons’

Steve Zadesky, the head of Project Titan, is set to leave Apple, spelling trouble for the company's venture into the electric mobile industry. According to the people familiar with the matter, he made the decision because of 'personal reasons.'

Business January 23, 2016

Apple’s Project Titan: Everything We Know So Far About Apple’s Highly Rumored Electric Car Project

Rumors and reports on Apple's purported Project Titan have made the rounds online. Here's what we are hearing so far about Apple's purported electric car project.

FUTURE TECH January 12, 2016

Apple Registers ',' Other Car Domains And iCar Speculations Go Vroom

Apple registered three car-related top-level domain names that are further fueling speculation on the Apple Car. The domain names Apple registered are, and

FUTURE TECH January 9, 2016

Apple Car Could Bring Digital License Plates To The Road

A LinkedIn page of Apple's newly hired engineer has cropped up over the Internet, hinting that Apple is planning to work on digital license plates. It has been purported that Apple is planning to complete its Apple Car by 2019.

FUTURE TECH November 8, 2015

From iPhones To Automobiles: Apple Car Reportedly Ready To Hit The Streets In 2019

Apple has reportedly sped up its efforts to bring its own electric car to market in four years, an ambitious goal for a company that makes its money by selling smartphones.

FUTURE TECH September 22, 2015

Apple Met With California DMV: Is Self-Driving Car Close To Being Unveiled?

Future-is-now technologies are a staple of Apple Inc. Few facts are certain, but more and more data indicate that the company is going to release an electric self-driving car by the end of the decade..

FUTURE TECH September 22, 2015

Tesla's Development Slowing Down As Employees Move To Apple's Project Titan

Tesla employees are reportedly jumping ship to Apple’s backyard, showing interest to work on the company’s ‘Project Titan’ venture. The ‘exodus’ seemed to take a toll on Tesla as production of its Model X is said to be experiencing delays.

FUTURE TECH September 16, 2015

Apple Car May Be Real After All: New Report Explains Why But Don't Get Your Hopes High

New information related to Apple's self-driving car has surfaced, with the company reportedly looking into the use of a former naval-base for testing of the car.

FUTURE TECH August 16, 2015

Report Says Apple Is Looking For A Testing Center For Its Rumored Self-Driving Car

Correspondence exclusively obtained by The Guardian reveal that Apple's self-driving car is further along than most have suspected.

FUTURE TECH August 15, 2015

More Rumors Pop Up Surrounding Jony Ive's 'Promotion' At Apple

Apple's decision to move Jony Ive to a new Chief Design Officer position is surrounded with several rumors, with one stating that the move is actually a demotion.

Business July 6, 2015

MWC 2015: Google Announces Wireless Carrier Plans By Becoming A 'Mobile Virtual Network Operator'

The SEO juggernaut better known as Google will be developing its own wireless carrier service. It made the announcement at the Mobile World Congress.

Internet March 2, 2015

Apple CEO Tim Cook Says Apple Watch 'Will Replace Car Keys'

Tim Cook, the CEO and main engine of Apple, explains in a new interview that the Apple Watch will replace the need for car keys.

Wearable Tech March 2, 2015

Apple Is Likely Poaching Samsung Employees For Its Electric Car

An intriguing rumor is hitting the web hinting that Apple is snatching Samsung workers for its next project, Titan.

Business February 24, 2015

Apple Will Tap Renewable Energy To Power New Data Centers In Europe

Apple, Inc. plans on building two data centers in central Europe that would be powered entirely by renewable energy.

Business February 23, 2015

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