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GameStop trends on Twitter thanks to the new Nintendo Switch. For weeks, the rumors of the latest Nintendo Switch have been a topic on social media platforms.

Everything from the new Nintendo Switch's specs to its name and its price to its exclusive games has been rumored and debated. However, the latest leak may add some credence to a couple of rumors.

What is worth mentioning first is that Nintendo has not acknowledged these rumors, so its existence is inconclusive.

GameStop's New Nintendo Switch Leak

On June 13, GameStop opened up a new trade-in. The trade-in will run until June 19, according to GameRant.

Looking over the righthand side shows how much credit players could receive when trading in a console that they currently own, with the PS5 getting $350 in credit while the Nintendo Switch Lite will get $150. Also, there is a $50 extra credit stipulation when trading in for certain type of consoles.

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The console selection includes buying the New Nintendo Switch Lite, or the Xbox Series X/S, with New Nintendo Switch written in bold print, according to Forbes.

A ton of names were mentioned for the Nintendo Switch upgrade, including Switch Pro, Switch Advance, Super Switch, and more, but GameStop has seemingly leaked that it will fall under the name of New Nintendo Switch instead.

The name New Nintendo Switch has been tossed around too, and it does not fall outside of Nintendo's naming conventions as well.

What adds fuel to this rumor fire is the overall presentation of the promotion by GameStop. In two days, Nintendo is set to host its E3 direct, and the timing is perfect, according to Inquirer.

Nintendo has stated that it would be focused on software, but that might change. Switch is clarified in-print, as well as the Nintendo Switch Lite.

This means that it is not likely a capitalization error to mean a new Nintendo Switch, but that the name itself is New Nintendo Switch, differentiated at least twice in GameStop's short ad.

This is not the first time that a retailer has leaked information about the Nintendo Switch upgrade. It is unlikely this sort of very specific and repeated mistake is just a misprint or anything.

If the New Nintendo Switch is just a placeholder and the name is false, then at the very least this could be an indication that GameStop is aware of the need for a placeholder for an upcoming console pre-order.

GameStop has been preparing for a massive E3 pre-order week, and while it could mean something else entirely, fans on Twitter pointed out that it is unlikely that such an ad would go so far without anything to back it up.

New Nintendo Switch Development

The news about the new gaming device has been swirling around for months. According to Bloomberg, Nintendo Co. will begin to assemble its new Nintendo Switch in July. It will serve as the improved replacement of the gaming device that has been on the market for 4 years.

The new Nintendo Switch is expected to be introduced on June 12 during the E3 2021. Nintendo plans to release the Nintendo Switch Pro in November and is said to cost more than $299.

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