Apple iPadOS 15 New Features Included Upgraded UI for Better Multitasking Abilities
(Photo : Screenshot From Pexels Official Website) Apple iPadOS 15 New Features Included Upgraded UI for Better Multitasking Abilities

Apple iPadOS 15 could include new features like an upgraded UI to help users make better multitasking abilities. The multitasking changes to the new iPadOS 15 makes it easier for users to multitask.

Apple iPadOS 15

According to the story spotted on, a post-WWDC interview along with Bob Borchers, Apple VP of Worldwide product marketing as well as Sebastian Marineau-Mes, VP of intelligent system experience reveals the new features. A WWDC keynote notes that Apple executives surface in interviews to promote the total changes launched at the official developer conference.

In an interview along with Marineau-Mes and Borches that was focused on the Apple iPadOS 15, the executives had covered multitasking alterations along with a few keyboard shortcuts. Borchers, in a conversation with TechCrunch, agrees with the sentiment that there needs to be more multitasking features which are referred to as "spatial gymnastics.

Apple Experts Share New Features

Borchers noted that the way they think about the matter is the initial step forward and multitasking helps make it easier to discover as well as easier to use. The pros, noted by Borcher, were the ones who were already trying to multitask in the past. They want to make this type of experience more available to other users as well due to it being applicable to a lot of folks.

Marineau-Mes then jumped in to state that one of the goals is to make the spatial model even more explicit. He stated that for example, if users get a split view, and they are replacing one of the windows, they can open the curtain to help tuck the other app to the side.

iPadOS 15 Easy-to-use Keyboard

It was noted that another goal of the iPadOS 15 is to help make everything very easy to navigate from the keyboard. Marineau-Mes added that all of the new multitasking features and affordances can finally be done through keyboard shortcuts.

He also noted that users got the brand new keyboard shortcut menu bar where they can see all of the different shortcuts made available. He notes that it is in fact great for discoverability noting users can search them and that they made a very conscious effort to be able to rationalize the different shortcuts across the Mac and the iPadOS.

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Apple Universal Control

Both Marineau-Mes and Boucher also touched upon some of the general discoverability features, Universal Control, and also how the Quick Note feature could help permeate the system and is also easily accessible from just about everywhere. The new feature could be very useful for more users as multitasking has started to become the new norm not just for Apple gadgets but for other gadgets as well..

More and more users are now starting to do different things at once. The new iPadOS will supposedly assist them in being able to multitask more smoothly with simple keyboard shortcuts to make everything easier to use and easier to navigate.

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