Apple has people hooked on the new offers it has released from the April 20 "Spring Loaded" event, especially with the arrivals of the new iPad Pro 2021 and iMac 24.5-inch that have been fitted with the M1. What is even more iconic is the introduction of a colorful lineup of the iMac which has only seen silver and black in the past.

Apple iPad Pro 2021 M1
(Photo : Apple Newsroom)

Apart from the cosmetic upgrades, the two most popular and "buzzing" devices from Apple's lineup have been met with performance upgrades that have been significantly made better by the Apple Silicon's introduction. The iPad Pro 2020 has been using a somewhat similar ARM-based chip with 64-bit known as the A12Z, but the iMac is a different topic all-in-all.

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Apple Preorders for 2021 Spring Loaded Releases

Heads up to everyone interested, the Spring Loaded event devices are yet to arrive in May for everyone who would make preorders that would start by Friday, April 30, and continue until the devices' release date. The ship out to users that have bought said devices still have no exact dates on their release but users are assured that it is coming in the next month. 

Apple iPad Pro 2021: Variants, Price, and MORE

Apple iPad Pro 2021 M1
(Photo : Apple Newsroom)

The new iPad Pro 2021 is equipped with mini-LED, 5G (for the network variants), and the Apple M1 SoC chip which it has initially debuted with the MacBooks in 2020. People interested to buy the new iPad Pro should preorder as soon as it drops, especially as mini-LED production saw a shortage, hence an expected hindrance to its supplies. 

iPad Pro Colors: Silver, Space Gray

iPad Pro Sizes: 11-inch, 12.9-inch

iPad Pro Storage Capacities: 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB, 1 TB, 2 TB

iPad Pro Network Connections: WiFi Only, WiFi + 5G

Price: 11-inch $799 | 12.9-inch $1,099 (starting/base prices)

Preorder the iPad Pro 2021 through Apple's website in April 30.

Apple iMac M1 2021: Variants, Price, and MORE

Apple iMac M1 2021
(Photo : Apple Newsroom)

The device with the most major changes from Apple's Spring Loaded event is the iMac 2021 that now comes with a 24.5-inch screen and the "future of the Mac" Apple's ARM-based Silicon Chip, the M1. This is the first time that the iMac has moved to a new processor, especially as it based itself off of Intel for its more than 20 years in the market. 

Previously a 27-inch display with 4K video capabilities, the desktop has downgraded, but still kept the massive resolution that can output one of the best displays in the market today. It also promises an upgrade in performance, much like the MacBook's leap from Intel to M1.

Apple iMac M1 2021
(Photo : Apple Newsroom)

iMac Colors: Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink, Silver, Orange, Purple 

iMac Storage Capacities: 256 GB, 512 GB

iMac Variants & Price: (starting/base prices)

  • 8-core CPU & 7-Core GPU 256 GB - $1,299
  • 8-core CPU & 8-Core GPU 256 GB - $1,499
  • 8-core CPU & 8-Core GPU 512 GB - $1,699

Preorder iMac M1 2021 via Apple's Website on April 30.

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