Apple HomePod Now Extinct After Discontinuation and Being Officially Listed as 'Sold Out'
(Photo : Screenshot From Apple Official Website) Apple HomePod Now Extinct After Discontinuation and Being Officially Listed as 'Sold Out'

Apple HomePod is now officially extinct after its discontinuation and after it had been bought out online. Apple's official warehouse stock of the original and discontinued HomePod now looks like it has been exhausted in the United States.

Apple HomePod 'Sold Out'

According to MacRumors, as of Monday morning, the option for delivery for the full-sized HomePod has officially been listed as "sold out" on Apple's official online store. This comes for both the black and white version of the HomePod.

Up until much recently, the black model has been sold out in the United States but buyers could still get a hold of the white color HomePod as it was listed as available for delivery but only "while stocks last." As of the moment, this has all changed as both of the HomePods are no longer available online.

Apple HomePod Not Available in Canada

This is no longer the case and although Apple's color white HomePod listing would still allow customers to check for the availability for in-store pickup and purchase, the speaker has been unavailable in almost all retail store locations ever since the start of June. In Canada, however, Apple's discontinued smart speaker is also officially sold out.

Both of the colors are listed as "currently unavailable" in Canada. Apple had briefly listed both of the colors shortly before as currently unavailable in the country before it had ever restocked the white HomePod. As of the moment, however, it seems like the total stock of the HomePods have been wiped out.

Apple to Focus on HomePod Mini

Apple had previously announced in March 2021 that the company would be discontinuing the original HomePod. In an article by TechCrunch, it was noted that the HomePod mini has actually remained a hit ever since it debuted last fall. It was said to offer customers an amazing sound, a pretty intelligent assistant, as well as smart home control for the price of just $99.

They noted that they are now focusing their efforts on the HomePod mini. Apple stated that they are going to discontinue the original HomePod and will only be available while the supply lasts on the official Apple Online Store, Apple Authorized Resellers, and of course, Apple Retail Stores.

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Apple HomePod Not Available

Ever since the previous announcement, the HomePod has officially been listed as sold "while stocks last" and has already been removed from sale on the Apple online store in a number of countries. Those in France, China, Germany, Hong Kong, and India can no longer see the HomePod listing.

The full-sized speaker now remains available on Apple's official online store in countries like Australia and the UK. Only the white remains for Australia and black for the UK at the time of this writing. Although it might be too late to buy the original full-sized HomePod, Apple is still peddling out the HomePod mini which is supposedly a more portable and improved version of the original HomePod.

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