NVIDIA Buys DeepMap Autonomous Mapping Company to Improve DRIVE Platform
(Photo : Screenshot From Commons.Wikipedia.org) NVIDIA Buys DeepMap Autonomous Mapping Company to Improve DRIVE Platform

NVIDIA buys DeepMap, an autonomous AV mapping company to help improve the company's DRIVE software! Like Apple, NVIDIA is also trying to move towards autonomous driving with the acquisition of DeepMap.

NVIDIA Acquires DeepMap

According to the story by ZDnet, NVIDIA is officially acquiring the autonomous vehicle mapping company DeepMap. This acquisition by NVIDIA is made to help bolster the company's total capabilities that are available on its newer DRIVE software.

DeepMap's technology makes use of crowdsourced data coming from vehicle sensors to help users build certain high-definition maps that would continuously update as the car continues to drive.

NVIDIA Announcement by Ali Kani

An official blog by NVIDIA details the announcement. According to the vice president and general manager of Automotive at NVIDIA, Ali Kani, DeepMap certainly has a proven track record and is also very entrepreneurial, engineering-focused, and also very nimble.

Ali Kani noted that DeepMap would meet the deep need in the entire industry and that together, they will help develop and even extend these particular capabilities. Ali Kani talked more about the acquisition NVIDIA made and how DeepMap would help make the company even better.

NVIDIA DeepMap Ecosystem

NVIDIA also noted that it actually plans to continue working along with DeepMap's partner ecosystem while also continuing to investigate new services and capabilities. The financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed to the public.

NVIDIA's official autonomous business is quite small in comparison to the revenue that it gets from certain data centers as well as gaming divisions. The company, however, continues to build out its very own DRIVE platform along with new technologies as well as partnerships.


Back in April, NVIDIA had unveiled the next generation of the company's DRIVE platform which at that time was called Atlan. Atlan was touted by NVIDIA as the very first 1000-TOPS automotive processor. This provides a whopping 4x performance increase in comparison to the other previous generation Orin.

NVIDIA is reportedly targeting automakers' own 2025 models along with the brand new SOC. This would ensure that it won't really cannibalize the sales of Orin. Orin is the previous generation of the platform and functions at just 2554 TOPS. Orin, however, has already been selected by a number of leading automakers for production timelines to start as soon as 2022.

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Apple Cars

With more and more companies moving towards the automobile market, the competition is getting steep and thus pushing innovators to offer things other than the basic services that some might still be using. Innovation is the name of the game which is why NVIDIA made the acquisition in order to help them expand their capabilities.

As of the moment, NVIDIA isn't the only tech company eyeing at the automobile industry. Other companies like Apple, according to MacRumors, are now working at an entrance to the automobile industry with the company's Project Titan which has reportedly been around ever since 2014.

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