Apple Car might be developed by a potential manufacturing partner, which is BMW. Apple Incorporated is considering BMW AG to be one of its strong partners to develop its most-awaited first Apple electric vehicle. 
Apple Sees BMW as Potential Manufacturing Partner for Its EV-- An iPhone Supplier Also Wants to Enter EV Industry

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A logo of German automaker BMW in seen on a rim during the celebration marking the 100th anniversary of BMW on March 7, 2016 in Munich, Germany. BMW began as a producer of aircraft engines in Germany during World War I, later began producing motorcycles and in 1928 its first automobiles. BMW AG is the parent company of BMW Group, which also owns the car brands Mini and Rolls-Royce.

Sanford C Bernstein, a popular Apple analyst, was the one to confirm this info. According to Bloomberg's latest report, the car industry was baffled when rumors confirmed that the tech giant manufacturer, which is well-known for its advanced gadgets such as iPhone and MacBook, also wants to enter the car industry by releasing its first electric car. 

The popular iPhone maker also announced that its project had regained momentum since it has new hires and is currently coordinating with other potential partners. These include Hyundai Motor Co., which is the first one that entered the scene. However, BMW was also included in the previous potential Apple manufacturing partners. 

"In our view, BMW would be the ideal partner for Apple," said Arndt Ellinghorst and Toni Sacconaghi, popular Apple analysts, via Bloomberg

"Both companies have a leading innovation claim, superior brand equity and design, and are excellent in global manufacturing and value chain management," they added. 

Will BMW join the Apple Car project? 

Previously, Tim Cook, Apple's chief executive officer, was allegedly visiting BMW's Munich headquarters. Rumors claimed that senior Apple executives traveled to the German luxury-car maker's Leipzig factory to study how the quirky i3 electric hatchback is made.

Apple Sees BMW as Potential Manufacturing Partner for Its EV-- An iPhone Supplier Also Wants to Enter EV Industry

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An electric cable is attached to the side of a Chevrolet Volt vehicle during a viewing on Capitol Hill July 19, 2007 in Washington, DC. The Volt is a plug-in electric vehicle which will run its first 40 miles without using any gasoline, and then the battery pack will be re-charged by a small internal combustion engine that runs on gas, diesel or ethanol when required. The vehicle is expected to be on the market by 2010.

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On the other hand, Harald Krueger, the previous CEO of BMW, confirmed that the car manufacturer talked with Apple and other international IT firms in an interview. However, he said that it was about vehicle connectivity. 

These speculations only show that BMW could really be one of Apple's manufacturing partners. If it is true, the public could expect a more advanced and high-end Apple car in the future.  

Foxconn will also develop its EV? 

Previously, Ford and General Motors announced that they also want to manufacture their electric vehicles and become a full-electric car manufacturer. Aside from these companies, other non-vehicle manufacturers want to enter the EV industry. 

CNET confirmed that Foxconn, an iPhone supplier, is currently partnering with Fisker to developed its electric car. If you want to know more about Foxconn's Project Personal Electric Automotive Revolution or Project PEAR, all you need to do is click here

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