Tesla's Supercharger stations in the Midwest are seeing massive lines, as electric vehicle users flock to the locations to charge their cars, and TikTokers have already called out to Elon Musk. With this, the CEO took notice via social media and have answered that a "massive increase" is coming in terms of new charging stations of the company.

Tesla Supercharger
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Tesla Supercharger faces shortage in the Midwest, and TikTokers are not having it. Elon Musk responds, saying that a "massive increase" is coming for the new stations.

The law of supply and demand is acting up again, but this time it is applied for the different aspects of electric vehicles, and this is to its Supercharging stations. Not everyone can install a home EV charger on their garages, and some might even have the Tesla EV on a lease, which is why it is ideal to head to a Supercharger station instead.

The center of Tesla's Supercharger stations expansion has been in the Golden State of California, particularly where most of the country's electric vehicles are, and where Tesla has originated from. Tesla has already pledged a massive change among its Superchargers which are already running on fully renewable sources of energy for 2021.

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Tesla Supercharger: Is there a Shortage?

Tesla Supercharger
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To date, there is a network of 25,000 Superchargers in the United States alone, with another 2,700 worldwide and counting. This is because Tesla is already saturated in the US market and a lot of Americans already own one. Despite having 25,000 Superchargers in the country, several states still feel its shortage, as it is not distributed properly.

According to Twitter user Nuclear Geek (@nuc_geek), the "Midwest" states of North Dakota, Minnesota, Illinois, Kansas, Ohio, and more are experiencing a limited number of Supercharger stations. As seen on his TikTok video, the TikToker showed how many Tesla EVs have lined up just to charge their electric vehicles on the station.

It remains unknown whether there is a shortage of EV charging stations, especially for Tesla's Superchargers in the country, despite already having 25,000 of these spread throughout the country.

Elon Musk: Tesla Superchargers 'Massive Increase' Coming

The popular Tesla CEO has been answering queries from users from time to time, and the most recent one he answered was with Nuclear Geek's, particularly with regards to Tesla's Supercharger stations. According to Elon Musk via Twitter (@elonmusk), a "massive increase" will soon come for Superchargers, but has not specified which states would have an additional.

Musk also has not specified whether the region mentioned by the TikToker, the Midwestern States, will be the target increase of the upcoming Supercharger stations. Nevertheless, it is good news for electric vehicle users, especially those who own a Tesla, that new charging stations are coming to ease its demands.

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