Google Interior
(Photo : Google Blog)
Google Furniture
(Photo : Google Blog)

Google has, thus far, opted to sell their products online, though they've done a couple of pop-up stores through the years. No one really thought they'd open a physical store up until the first signs of a retail store for Google first emerged in 2015 after the company leased a 5,000-foot space. 

That really went nowhere. But today, Google is set to open its very first retail store in New York City today, June 17!

Google Store is located at 15th and 9th in the Chelsea district of Manhattan. Its doors will open to the public at 10:00 a.m. 

In a post published by Jason Rosenthal, Google's VP for Direct Channels and Membership, on the Google blog, it is mentioned that customers can expect a product range that includes Pixel phones, Nest products, Fitbit devices, and many more. 

The Google Store experience is described by Rosenthal as "immersive" as customers will get to experience the company's products and services together. 

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Google Interior
(Photo : Google Blog)

Google Store: What to Expect Inside

According to a report by Digital Trends, you can expect a Google Translate exhibit in the store that will feature a real-time translation of anything a customer says into 24 languages. It is part of a 17-foot-tall circular glass structure called the Google Imagination Space. 

As with any tech retail store, the Google Store will also have a section where customers can head to for assistance on any Google-related issue. Called Here to Help, the support desk also offers repair services. Customers can also pick up their online orders at the Here to Help.

There will also be a space inside the Google Store devoted to events and workshops as well as demo rooms where customers can experience the products in real-life scenarios. 

COVID-19 Health Measures

With the COVID-19 pandemic still ongoing, Google will be observing different health and safety measures within the Google Store. Masks and social distancing are required inside the store's premises, along with hand sanitation. 

Only a limited number of customers can be accommodated at a time to keep social distancing standards.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Space

Google Furniture
(Photo : Google Blog)

Google may be all about technology and innovation, but the company knows how to be sustainable and environment-friendly too. One needs to look no further than the Google Store itself to see it. 

For the Google Store's interiors, the company worked with a local designer on the wood and cork furniture that can be food inside the store, per The Verge. The store has also received a LEED platinum rating due to its eco-friendly design. 

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