NASA, together with NOAA, decided to conduct a new study that revealed how Earth's heat absorption became worst than before. The two agencies discovered that the Earth currently absorbs an unprecedented amount of heat. 

NASA, NOAA New Satellite Datasets Show Earth's Doubled Heat Is Like Dropping Four Hiroshima Atomic Bombs Every Second!
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This is currently alarming since the involved researchers in the new study claimed that Earth is now twice hotter compared to the previous years. They confirmed that the rising temperature started in 2005. 

NASA added that during the past 15 years, the planet's incoming solar radiation trapped on the surface and in the oceans has doubled. 

The findings of NOAA and NASA were published in the Geophysical Research Letters journal on June 15. To give you more idea, here's how NASA and NOAA discovered the rising temperature issue. 

NASA and NOAA Used Satellite Datasets

As of the moment, various companies, such as Tesla, are making efforts to reduced global warming. Because of Elon Musk's initiatives, many automakers are now following Tesla's goals. 

However, it seems like their innovations are not enough to cool the planet off. 

NASA, NOAA New Satellite Datasets Show Earth's Doubled Heat Is Like Dropping Four Hiroshima Atomic Bombs Every Second!
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"Earth's Energy Imbalance (EEI) is a relatively small (presently ∼0.3%) difference between global mean solar radiation absorbed and thermal infrared radiation emitted to space," said NASA via Geophysical Research Letters

"Climate is determined by how much of the sun's energy the Earth absorbs and how much energy Earth sheds through the emission of thermal infrared radiation," added the space agency. 

NASA and NOAA confirmed that they used satellite datasets, which look at the top of the Earth's atmosphere. Aside from this, they also relied on a network of autonomous floats that gather data in the upper 6,561 feet (2,000 meters) of the ocean. 

How Serious Is Earth's Rising Temperature? 

According to Gizmodo's latest report, NASA and NOAA compared the doubled heat of Earth to dropping four Hiroshima atomic bombs every second. On the other hand, they also added that it is as serious as 7 billion people firing up 20 electric kettles for 24 hours. 

NASA and NOAA also explained that the rising heat is caused by changes in cloud cover and reflectivity of the surface. 

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