Bumble Survey Shows 30% of 1000 Americans Won't Go On Dates with People Without the COVID-19 Vaccine
(Photo : Screenshot From Bumble Website) Bumble Survey Shows 30% of 1000 Americans Won't Go On Dates with People Without the COVID-19 Vaccine

Bumble survey shows 30% of 1000 Americans would choose not to go on dates with people that haven't had their COVID-19 vaccine yet. Dating could be hard for those individuals that haven't gotten the COVID-19 shot yet.

COVID-19 Bumble Survey

According to CNet, there is definitely a lot to consider before going on a date with someone online. Is the person nice? Funny? Will they get all those Rick and Morty jokes and references? Now, the criteria has evolved and dating might require yet another item to cross off of the checklist.

As the coronavirus pandemic restrictions slowly start to ease, about 30% of around a thousand Americans that were surveyed by the dating app Bumble back in May actually stated that they would not want to go out with someone that has not yet received the recent COVID-19 vaccine.

What Makes Bumble Different

For those that haven't gotten their first COVID shot yet, this might cost a potential first date. Bumble, which is a platform that offers ways for people to go on potential dates or even meet friends or act as a professional network, was founded back in 2014 by Whitney Wolfe Herd.

When the company went public, Herd suddenly became the very first youngest self-made woman billionaire, as reported by Forbes. Bumble's main difference with other dating apps is that when two people swipe right on each other, it is actually the woman that needs to make the first move and message first.

Other Dating Apps Online

Along with other massive United States dating apps like Hinge, Tinder, OkCupid, Chipsa, Match, BLK, Plenty of Fish, and even Badoo, Bumble is actually implementing features to encourage its users to get vaccinated. An example of this is the vaccinated badge which users can get once they've gotten the COVID-19 shot.

Bumble will also give its users complimentary credits for other premium features to those users that get the "vaccinated" badge. An example of this is getting the "Spotlight" which would advance the daters' profiles straight to the top of the whole stack as well as "SuperSwipe" which would allow users to signal other users of a potential match standing out from the regular swipe.

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Bumble Research

Bumble research even suggests that the pandemic has massively changed social interactions. In a Bumble-commissioned survey that was carried out online in May by the official research company known as Censuswide, it was found that 91% of respondents noted that they don't believe that there was no longer a stigma when it came to meeting people online or through the use of a dating app ever since the pandemic started.

Another survey that was conducted by Research Without Barriers this year found 62% of respondents noted the importance of talking about social issues even during the first date. 75% of respondents noted that their views have to align for them to date.

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