Tesla Model S Plaid Comes With New Hidden Features
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Tesla Model S is one of Tesla's most sought-after car models, and the electric vehicle company constantly provides its users with new features.

Elon Musk, Tesla's CEO, is known for delivering more than what is asked of him. Likewise, Tesla does not just make a vehicle -- they bring innovation to the table. Tesla provides a fresh, innovative, and sustainable experience to its consumers.

Tesla Model S Plaid does not disappoint because it follows Tesla's recipe for success, and many users claim that it is the best Tesla model. But despite being the newest model, users might be perplexed to find that a standard shift lever is missing.

Tesla Model S Plaid Hidden Features: Drive, Park, and Reverse Controls

Based on Motor Trend's recent report, Tesla has finally let go of the old setup to make way for a predictive shifting system. The new system can put the vehicle in reverse or drive without needing the driver's interference.

Well, at least as soon as starting the car.

The electric vehicle company has not yet disclosed further clarifications about how the new system works. However, Motor Trend believes that if the system decides between reversing and moving forward, it might be due to its ability to sense objects both in front and behind the car.

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How to Control Tesla Model S Plaid's New Features

Elon Musk's Tesla utilizes technology in any way they can, and their previous vehicles have built-in touch screen features.

It is no surprise that they will use a touchscreen-based system whenever the driver has to take over the new functions.

The driver has to drag a tiny car button toward the top portion of the screen to drive forward. Likewise, the driver will have to drag the car button toward the bottom of the screen to go in reverse.

The reason behind the new feature is still unclear, and it is a solution to a problem that probably no one has, according to Motor Trend.

What To Do If The System Crashed

But what if something happens that unknowingly causes the infotainment system to crash? How will drivers move their Tesla Model S Plaids without its new feature?

Luckily, Tesla has a backup plan for when the touchscreen-based system ever crashes.

The electric vehicle company strategically built the setup to have a small touch-sensitive control panel under the infotainment feature. The board includes the traditional shifter controls, together with the hazard light button.

To access these controls, the infotainment system has to crash.

Users would not have access to these controls if their systems work fine, primarily because they are provided as backups for future unlikeable instances. In the meantime, the hidden features will remain hidden until such an event happens.

On the other hand, it has also been reported that the new Tesla Model S Plaid could start at 0 and reach 60 mph in as little as 1.98 seconds. Tesla's new model is innovative, and its additional safety feature brings it to an all-time high.

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