Tesla Yoke steering wheel is more of a mechanical device, but Elon Musk says that it would soon get a "progressive steering" feature in the coming developments from the company. Currently, Tesla's Model S is the vehicle that would have the choice to opt for the Yoke Steering wheel or the traditional round one, and Musk thinks the former is a great tech.

Tesla Yoke Steering Wheel
(Photo : The Kilowatts via Twitter @klwtts)

The Yoke is a U-Shaped steering wheel from Tesla, designed to feature a driving experience without any distractions, and keeping one's hands on the wheel. It somehow resembles that of the steering wheel on commercial passenger aircraft, and the look of those traditional wheels of an older airplane, which was cut to feature more of the instrument cluster.

Tesla has unveiled the early looks of the Yoke steering wheel when it first debuted the 2021 Model S to the public, back when there is still a Plaid+ option for the vehicle. Initially, it was supposed to be a default steering wheel in the electric vehicle, however, Tesla has debuted an option to change it to a round one, via its check-out procedure when buying the car online.

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Tesla Yoke Steering Wheel is Soon to Get Progressive Steering

Tesla Model S Yoke Steering Wheel
(Photo : Screenshot from Twitter post of @yo)

Amazingly, people can just go on Twitter and publicize everything they want, and even more amazing is that when they ask a question, a question-answering it directly will be provided. That was the recent case with Elon Musk and Everyday Astronaut's recent discussion on Twitter, which has teased Tesla's Yoke to have progressive steering.

Everyday Astronaut (@Erdayastronaut) has asked Elon Musk regarding the possibility that Tesla's Yoke steering wheel would adopt a new technology that would make steering looser. The influencer suggested something about progressive steering, and it is where the tech would help and make driving easier.

Here, the Tesla CEO replied (@elonmusk) and said that he is satisfied with using the Yoke steering wheel for now and that it is "great" in his opinion. Progressive steering would require a massive hardware change, including adding drive-by-wire technology which would not use a mechanical or traditional link from steering to axle anymore.

Musk added that the company would aim to use that tech in a few years.

What is Progressive Steering?

Progressive Steering is a "speed-dependent steering aid," as regarded by SEAT, a popular European car company.

The steering technology would help the car's handling during low speeds at below 5 mph or at high speeds on freeways, to be more manageable and easier to handle, instead of having it at a stiff feeling.

Additionally, this is more of a modern steering assist, compared to the Yoke, which was revealed to be using a traditional mechanical connection that makes the vehicle in direct access from wheel to axle. In this form, the wheel would be heavier to maneuver, especially at low speeds as one can feel its weight.

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