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Elon Musk's Tesla vehicles have been taking a rough beating for quite some time, all because of their safety records. Issues such as multiple autopilot crashes, and the Model 3 getting stripped of their top safety awards continue to shake up the vast company.

As of June, Tesla's disposition might start traversing from bad to worse.

The innovative vehicle company confirmed that to ensure public safety and user assurance, they will have to recall Model 3 and Model Y units as soon as possible. This announcement happened just a few days after the said models were called out for issues regarding their brakes.

Tesla's Model 3 and Model Y Recalls

Carscoops recently mentioned that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) released a statement on their website saying that Tesla has now initiated two brand new recalls.

These recalls focus on possible seat belt problems, which could technically affect a total of 7,696 vehicles in the United States.

The first recall applies to 5,530 of Tesla's electric cars, namely Model 3s from 2018 to 2020, and Model Ys from 2019 to 2021.

The issue that Tesla would like to check revolves around the safety belts found in the driver's and front passenger's seats. Tesla's models were made from July 6, 2018, to March 21, 2020.

Tesla said to NHTSA through a defective notice that the issue stems from the workers' inability to torque each seat belt into the correct places successfully. They would like to verify if their standard specifications were met by the cars that have already been sold.

As a result, NHTSA warned Tesla in a recall acknowledgment that an improperly placed fastener poses a risk for the seat belt system's performance. It might stop the seat belts from working correctly as they were designed to perform, increasing the risk of driver and passenger injury.

After the initial recall, Tesla proceeded with the second one that applies to 2,166 Model Ys of 2019 to 2021 that were crossover manufactured by Tesla from November 26, 2019, to March 30, 2021.

Tesla stated on their second defect notice that the operator might have made plenty of unsuccessful attempts to torque the second-row right- or left-side seat belt retractor fastener with its correct specification. The operator might have cross-threaded the buckle unknowingly, which could compromise the vehicle's ability to torque the fastener with the appropriate specification.

CNBC reported that Tesla's workers complained about their lack of time finishing their tasks properly while assembling the vehicles. This could have led to the issues that the cars are now facing.

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Model 3 and Model Y: Weird Noises

According to Carscoops, Tesla announced that a possible indication for a vehicle's seatbelt or brake issue could an abnormal noise made by the car.

The company added that the recalls are due to the workers' inability to always place the seat belts in their appropriate locations.

However, the company also mentioned that there had not been any injuries or crashes related to the issue. They ended their statement by assuring the public that they would replace the fasteners to ensure that the vehicles are in their best shapes.

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