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Samsung Galaxy S22 was leaked on June 18, and it suggests that the series will come in three different sizes, and each of the sizes is neither too small or too large.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Update

The Samsung Galaxy S22 would appear to be spreading out their options, according to Slash Gear. The Samsung Galaxy S21 had a display size of 6.2-inches, 6.7-inches, and 6.8-inches.

That was not that far off from the Samsung Galaxy S20, which came with display options of 6.2-inches, 6.7-inches, and 6.9-inches.

This week's latest leak from MauriQHD suggests that there will still be three display sizes for the Samsung Galaxy S22. Meanwhile, the largest display size is rumored to be at around 6.81-inches, thus splitting the gap between the largest sizes of the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S21.

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As for the medium Galaxy S22, it is rumored to have a 6.55-inch display. This is .15-inch smaller than the standard Galaxy plus devices in the Galaxy S line from the past years. This size also cuts between the small and medium Galaxy S display sizes of the last couple of generations.

The Samsung Galaxy S22, the smallest device in the Galaxy S22 series, was tipped to come with a 6.06-inch display, according to Laptop Mag.

That is around 0.14-inch smaller than the previous smallest Galaxy S device released over the last couple of generations. It is also quite possible that fans will be able to see some advanced camera hiding teach with this generation of devices.

The leak also notes that the Galaxy S22 Ultra will work with a low-temperature polycrystalline oxide or LTPO display. This is something that fans saw rumored earlier this year as created by Samsung Display for the next major iPhone release.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Price and Features

The Samsung Galaxy S22 will possibly launch in early 2022. In 2020, Samsung moved the typical release date of February to January.

As for the price, there haven't been any rumors about it yet. However, fans anticipate that Samsung will keep the prices similar to the Galaxy S21 series. Samsung reduced the cost for all three models by $200, and fans did not see the prices go back up.

If Samsung stays consistent, the Galaxy S22 may cost around $799, the Galaxy S22 Plus price might be $999, and the Galaxy S22 Ultra will be priced at around $1,199. Fans are waiting to see whether Samsung will introduce a lower-cost Galaxy S21 FE sometime between now and the S22's launch.

Meanwhile, the main chip powering the Galaxy S22 could support the new Snapdragon 895, which is said to be a 4nm chip. Rumor has it that Samsung could manufacture the Snapdragon 895, according to GSMArena.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 could get a major boost in graphics power, all thanks to it tipped to get a GPU based on AMD's RDNA 2 architecture, which happens to underpin the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Although the Galaxy S22 may not have the power of the latest game consoles, it could offer a boost in graphics grunt over other smartphones.

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