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Google app bug can mess with your browser. Android users are encouraged to use a privacy browser. However, privacy search engines have become very viable for anyone looking to escape Google's rules.

DuckDuckGo, an internet search engine that protects searchers' privacy, has introduced new tools that will help stop bugs from tracking users' emails and other apps on Android phones.

Google Bug Privacy Breach

The Google app for Android with more than 5 billion installations had a bug that could have let a malicious app on the user's phone gain access to their device and retrieve data on the user's search history, email, location, and more.

In May, Google had fixed the issue and stated that it had no indications that any of its users were impacted by it. But it is still alarming that an app that is used by billions had an impactful bug.

According to TechCrunch, because of this breach, DuckDuckGo has urged users to protect their personal data online.

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Some of the features on DuckDuckGo are similar to what Apple announced during the WWDC event for iOS 15 and macOS. The search engine's new tools came just in time when hacking from ransomware group is rampant.

On June 16, Ukrainian authorities arrested seven people who are affiliated with the ransomware group Clop. However, the takedown only underscores how little can be done about the broader issues until and unless Russian President Vladimir Putin decides to pursue Russia-based cybercriminals.

Airbnb's Private Security Squad

Aside from the Google app bug and the arrest of the Ukrainian ransomware group, Airbnb was also in the spotlight over their crisis response team, which handles issues at its rentals and works to keeps the incidents out of the news.

According to Bloomberg Businessweek, an Australian woman was sexually assaulted at knifepoint in an Airbnb apartment in New York.

Airbnb was criticized for handling the situation, with the victim confessing that the company had tried to keep her quiet for two years to prevent any further issues with the public. The security of Airbnb rentals was questioned after the incident.

The victim received a secret settlement of $7 million, which included restrictions on what she could say about the assault.

Airbnb denied that it had tried to keep the woman quiet, with a spokesperson saying that in sexual assault cases, in the settlements that they have reached, survivors can speak freely about their experiences.

Fake Pharmacies

In another alarming news about online security, Bleeping Computer reported that Interpol announced that it had taken down 113,020 links that are connected to illegal and counterfeit drugs and medical supplies.

As part of the effort of the international law enforcement agency, they made 277 arrests and had seized more than $23 million worth of illicit pharmaceuticals.

Interpol added that fake COVID-19 testing kits accounted for more than half of all of the medical devices that were seized during the action.

The operation, which ran from May 18 to 25, resulted in 277 arrests worldwide and the seizure of potentially dangerous pharmaceuticals worth more than $23 million.

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