Facebook Smartwatch Price, Release Date: Two Cameras, Health Features, and More!
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Facebook confirmed that they are planning to release their smartwatch soon. It seems like the social media company is slowly expanding its audience by diving into the tech industry.

The company is working extra hard to debut its very first wearable tech in the form of a smartwatch. It will be joining Oculus VR headsets and the Facebook Portal as it launches.

However, Facebook has not given us plenty of information about the Facebook Smartwatch. The company prefers to stay silent regarding its future wearable and hardware plans, but leaks and reports are hard to stop from spreading.

To be a hundred percent clear, the Facebook Smartwatch is different from the Facebook Watch.

Facebook Watch is a way to watch TV with other people worldwide using the Facebook platform.

On the other hand, the Facebook Smartwatch is a wearable tech similar to Apple Watch. 

Facebook Smartwatch Price and Release Date

According to Tech Radar, the Facebook Smartwatch will debut sometime in 2022. The window is quite huge because Facebook still has not released any statement regarding the device in question.

It also seems like Facebook is planning to launch a second-generation smartwatch in 2023, which could mean that the first edition of its smartwatch series will occur in 2022. 

It might be an annual product that will get regular upgrades and a price increase.

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However, Tech Radar admitted that it is only possible, and that there is a chance for the plan to change, depending on how well the market will receive the first Facebook Smartwatch device.

The media outlet also suggested that the Facebook Smartwatch might cost at least $400, converting to around £280 or AU$520. However, it is only a rough estimate as the device's price could be more affordable or more expensive.

Facebook Smartwatch Leaks

So far, there are two Facebook Smartwatch leaks about the device's cameras and function.

According to a Tech Radar report, Facebook Smartwatch will debut as a health-focused wearable tech, and that it will be a unique communications device.

It seems that the smartwatch will boast plenty of health features that will work hand-in-hand with apparatus such as Peloton Bikes. It also provides access to Facebook's streamline of apps like Messenger.

Another report suggested that the Facebook Smartwatch will come with a front-facing camera, and a detachable display that features a second camera. It will have a 1080p resolution, and it seems like it would primarily act as an action camera.

The report also mentioned that it would feature a heart rate monitor, perfect for users who often work out and have medical conditions.

As time passes by, we will surely know more about the new Facebook Smartwatch, primarily as 2022 draws nearer every day.

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