New electric planes are now being developed to prevent millions of metric tons of carbon dioxide. Recently, various experts claimed that CO2 is on the rise because of northern farms. 

To reduce carbon emissions, Jet It and Jet Club, North Carolina-based companies, confirmed that they agreed to a contract that will allow them to launch customers using the new Bye Aerospace's eFlyer 800, an all-electric 7-passenger twin turboprop plane.  

New Electric Plane Fleets To Reduce Millions Of Tons Of Carbon, Thanks To Jet It and JetClub
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EDITOR'S NOTE: THIS IMAGE IS A PHOTO COMPOSITE) In this composite photo, Planes take off from Heathrow Airport on November 2, 2016 in London, England. A total of 42 planes were captured taking off from Heathrow Airport in a one hour period between 10.17am and 11.17am and a montage was created from those single images. Air traffic controllers warned that the UK skies are becoming over crowded and today.

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Specifically, JetClub and Jet It confirmed that it will purchase a fleet of eFlyer 800 and four eFlyer 4 aircraft. The first one to use these advanced electric planes is Jet It. 

"The evolution of travel continues with this investment in sustainable aviation," said by company's CEO and co-founder Glenn Gonzales. 

New Electric Planes To Arrive! 

Electric vehicles are now rising as global warming becomes more and more serious. These include the development of electric sports car units such as Porsche. On the other hand, Tesla is also making new EV models that would allow users to have a better electric car experience. 

New Electric Plane Fleets To Reduce Millions Of Tons Of Carbon, Thanks To Jet It and JetClub
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An aircraft flies through London skies leaving a vapour trail on February 2, 2007 in London, England. When burning its fuel, planes release exhaust fumes which contain, among others, water vapour and impurities. When these gases come into contact with the cold air, the significant temperature difference causes the water on the impurities to condense and turn to ice. Aircraft exhaust fumes have been attributed to climate change.

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On the other hand, electric planes are also becoming more advanced. Jet It CEO confirmed that the company, together with JetClub, is now planning to deliver more value to passengers. 

Intelligent Aerospace reported that the North Carolina-based travel agencies will do this by reducing the cost to travel while flying towards zero net emissions. 

On the other hand, the eFlyer 800 is expected to be the first electric seven-passenger aircraft to arrive in the market. It offers cruise speeds of 320 knots, reduces carbon emissions and travel costs by five times, as well as a ceiling of 35,000 feet. 

About JetClub and Jet It 

According to PR News Wire's latest report, JetClub is an innovative private jet use model. This innovation combines the latest jet plane with a sharing economy to offer its members an affordable private jet solution. 

On the other hand, Jet It focuses on neutralizing a hybrid-fraction ownership model based on days. This means that the travel company provides a customized route using its fleet of airplanes. This is a great service since most travel companies can't offer the travel plan you would like to follow. 

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