iOS users will soon enjoy their Twitter experience even more as the social media announced that they can easily share their tweets on their Instagram Stories. 

iOS Users Can Now Share Twitter Posts As Instagram Stories—Screenshots No Longer Needed!
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The giant platform confirmed that they no longer need to take screenshots when sharing their Twitter posts on IG.

"We know people share Tweets to their communities on other social media apps, and we've made it easier for people to share Tweets on Instagram Stories," said Twitter via its official website.

"Skip the screenshots -- sharing Tweets to Instagram Stories right from the share menu is now rolling out to everyone on iOS!" confirmed the social media platform via its official Twitter post.

iOS Users Can Easily Share Their Tweets On IG

According to The Verge's latest report, Twitter's new feature allows you to share your tweets directly on Instagram without the need of saving your post's screenshot.

iOS Users Can Now Share Twitter Posts As Instagram Stories—Screenshots No Longer Needed!
(Photo : Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images)
In this photo illustration, the logo for the Twitter social media network is projected onto a man on August 09, 2017 in London, England. With around 328 million users worldwide, Twitter has gone from a small start-up in for the public 2006 to a broadcast tool of politicians and corporations in 2017.

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This is a great enhancement as it will save you some time and storage since you no longer need to save your screenshots. As of the moment, the social media platform's new capability is already available on iOS devices.

Twitter also claimed that the new interface makes sharing tweets on Instagram Stories easier than the manual method. On the other hand, the app company also stated that the results will be much smoother.

However, Twitter explained that the likes, comments, retweets, and quote retweets will not be affected once you decided to use this feature on Instagram.

This means that even if many people liked your tweet on IG Story, the engagements will not reflect on the original post.

How To Use Twitter's New Feature

Twitter Help Center provided a quick guide on how to use the app's new feature on iOS. If you haven't used it yet, here are the steps you need to follow: 

  1. Install the Instagram app on your device. 
  2. After that, you need to access your Twitter account via your iOS app. 
  3. Once you opened it, you can now click the "Share Icon." 
  4. After clicking the icon, you need to tap the IG button. 
  5. Once you did that, your Twitter app will automatically close, and an IG Story draft will automatically appear. 
  6. Your Twitter post will appear as a movable and resizable sticker. This means that you can add other stickers to make it more attractive. 
  7. When your tweet is already posted as your Instagram Story, your viewers can click the sticker, and they will be redirected to your original tweet.

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