Apple Urgent iOS 12 Update Released | Here's Why the Company Urges You to Download it
(Photo : Screenshot From Pexels Official Website) Apple Urgent iOS 12 Update Released | Here's Why the Company Urges You to Download it

Apple urgent iOS 12 update has been released and the company is trying to push users of older iPhones to download the update. Apple is now getting even more committed to the idea of pushing out better security updates for the older generation iPhones and iPads.

iOS 12 Urgent Update

According to ZDnet, not only will the tech giant continue to support the recent iOS 14 despite the release of the upcoming iOS 15, Apple users will be seeing a trickle of other patches to be released for some of the older iOS versions. Basically, if you own an older Apple device, not to worry, you will still get to install the new security update.

For those using Apple devices still running on the iOS 12 like older version iPhones or iPads, this is most likely due to the iOS 12 being the latest update that the device could have been able to get. Apple, however, has now released what ZDnet called an "emergency update" that users will need to download and install as soon as they can.

Apple iOS 12 Security Update

The reason behind this push is that there will be three security fixes and two of them, as previously found out, might have already been actively exploited. This means that in other words, the bad guys might actually be using the already existing vulnerabilities for them to compromise smartphones and tablets.

The new iOS 12 update will be called the iOS 12.5.4 and will be available for a number of older Apple devices. For users that might still be using these devices, the company highly suggests that they download the update as soon as they can.

The Apple iOS 12.5.4 update is available for the following devices:

  • Apple iPhone 5s - Compatible

  • Apple iPhone 6 - Compatible

  • Apple iPhone 6 Plus - Compatible

  • Apple iPad Air - Compatible

  • Apple iPad mini 2 - Compatible

  • Apple iPad mini 3 - Compatible

  • Apple iPod touch (6th generation) - Compatible

In order to check the current version that the device is already on, tap the Settings, go to General, then click on Software Update. Users will then be able to see which version of the iPhone or iPad is running on the device with any of the updates.

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iOS 14 Update for Newer Devices

For those that have stayed on the Apple iOS but the device is only compatible with a much later version, there is still no need to worry. Users that can't get the previous iOS 14 can opt for the latest release of the newer iOS 14 or the iPadOS 14.

There have been a number of high-profile security issuers that are plaguing both the iPhone and the iPad over the course of the past few months. Although for some, there is really a large hesitancy to install newer updates, it is technically still the first and the best line of defense directly against attack.

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