Clubhouse has leaked its upcoming "Direct Messages" features or DMs on its platform, which came in the form of the so-called "Backchannel" feature, which has a massive text box and nothing else. The new feature would promote new ways for users of the audio-only platform to connect more, and without the need, to setup, a room just to talk.

Clubhouse Backchannel Feature
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Direct Messages have been a fun feature for popular social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and more, as they provided a personal touch without the need to be together. Chat messages have kept families close and intact, with friends using it as an avenue to catch up or keep up with their peers.

The audio-only application has been a massive hit this pandemic, with its usage scheme falling onto the "invite-only" feature which was made exclusive and the place to be. Moreover, Elon Musk's feature on the show as a guest has made fans flock the social media, and it has also brought it to more popularity as other guest stars were invited.

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Clubhouse Will Soon Get DMs, Says Leaks

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A popular social media personality and "futuristic keynote speaker" Brian Fanzo, has recently divulged via Twitter that the "Backchannel" feature on Clubhouse is the company's DM feature. Fanzo said that he discovered this accidentally, and it showed that the app is working on a new feature. Currently, Backchannel was removed from Clubhouse, meaning that it was a leak.

The biggest development here is that Clubhouse is evolving into a more versatile social media platform, apart from its previous exclusivity and limited features or functions that users can see.

Moreover, it was Clubhouse that leaked this development themselves, particularly as it was originally discovered in their platform by several users before being taken down.

It was revealed that Clubhouse CEO Paul Davidson previously mentioned that the social media platform needs a "backchannel of sorts" to create a connection or network among users. The specific statement by Davidson was recently leaked from Clubhouse, and he meant a direct message, which now all connects the dots.

Will Clubhouse Live Up Against Twitter Spaces, Spotify Greenroom?

Clubhouse has made a lot of rivals on its recent popularity, and it constitutes of massive social media platforms including Twitter with Spaces and Spotify with Greenroom. The massive thing here is that both these applications have a direct message feature enabled on their platform, with Twitter natively having it before spaces.

Of course, the new text feature for Clubhouse would give it another edge against these big tech companies, particularly because it expands the feature of the app and would not need for users to have a separate one. The only problem now is that users do not know when Backchannel will arrive, and Clubhouse has been mum about it since it was removed.

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