'Space Jam: A New Legacy The Game' Gameplay Finally Revealed! Check Out Bugs, LeBron, and the New Gang
(Photo : Screenshot From News.Xbox Website) 'Space Jam: A New Legacy The Game' Gameplay Finally Revealed! Check Out Bugs, LeBron, and the New Gang

"Space Jam: A New Legacy The Game" gameplay has finally been revealed online! The new gameplay will feature classic Warner Brothers' characters from the Looney Tunes along with MVP NBA champion LeBron James.

'Space Jam: A New Legacy The Game' Gameplay Revealed

Although the game wasn't as talked about as the movie, many fans have still been waiting for it to launch, but the problem was that nobody had an idea what the gameplay would look like. An update from a famous PS5 restocks tracker Twitter account known as Wario64 shared a link to a YouTube video that showed what "Space Jam: A New Legacy The Game" is like.

The game brings back many nostalgic memories as the gameplay somehow manages to stay true to the original "Space Jam" game on the PS1 through its somewhat pixelated graphics but with a lot of new upgrades. As the gameplay in the video looks like, the new game could be a masterful concoction of both nostalgia and excitement-this time with LeBron James instead of Michael Jordan.

'Space Jam' with Michael Jordan

"Space Jam" with Michael Jordan had a huge impact on the general public as the movie and the game were both well received. The game was a classic basketball game with the Looney Toons characters battling in a game of basketball against monsters, just like what happened in the movie.

Although the gameplay doesn't reveal everything, it looks like gamers will be getting a whole new experience compared to the previous basketball experience. While the original game had a strict basketball game with power and special skills, the new game looks a bit more like a fighting shooting arcade game.

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New 'Space Jam' Game Announcement

Although not basketball, according to the gameplay video, gamers will be able to choose the character LeBron James against what appears to be robots. Of course, gamers and fans don't know what the new game will have in relation to the movie as the movie is still set to launch this July 10, 2021. 

post by Xbox introduces the game to the world along with other additions. Gamers can also avail Looney Tunes-themed wireless Xbox Series X controllers as well. When asking for help to create a Looney Tunes game, Xbox noted that they got a number of entries from all around the world, and a lot of them were quite great.

In order for them to be able to create the final "Space Jam: A New Legacy The Game," Xbox had to blend the ideas of two different gamers reportedly. One of them is Narayan from India, and the other is from Ricky of the United States. Xbox and Warner Bros. decided to use Ricky's "beat 'em up" style with the game mechanics that Narayan had also suggested.

For those that want to watch the movie when it comes out, you'll have to do so via HBO Max according to TechRadar.

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