Matt Gaetz Deletes Tweet Saying FBI Should be Defunded; To be Charged by July
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Matt Gaetz deleted his tweet, saying that the FBI should be defunded. The representative is under investigation, and charges might come as early as July.

Representative Matt Gaetz publicly called for the Federal Bureau of Investigation to be defunded by Democrats. He tweeted it on Wednesday, June 23, and immediately deleted it a few minutes after.

The representative is currently being investigated on sex trafficking allegations. However, he has denied it for quite a while.

Matt Gaetz Tweets

Representative Matt Gaetz recently tweeted on Twitter, a popular social media platform where people freely express themselves. In the tweet, Gaetz said that if Democrats would like to defund the police, the best place to start would be with the FBI.

The representative has not been shy when tweeting how he feels, especially about how the FBI functions.

Newsweek reported that Representative Gaetz's team refused to comment on his tweet, so it remains a mystery as to why Gaetz decided to delete it minutes after posting.

Matt Gaetz Interview

Gaetz recently appeared on the Newsmax show "Cortes & Pellegrino" to promote a conspiracy theory about the FBI.

Gaetz said that the FBI might have been involved in the attack against the U.S. Capitol on January 6. He added that whether the FBI animated several criminal conducts or not is exceedingly grave.

Gaetz's conspiracy theory claims that the Federal Bureau of Investigation infiltrated far-right gangs to instigate the attack.

The representative also claimed that there was an FBI infiltration among the groups. The people have to decide whether the said infiltration caused more acute criminal offenses than would have occurred otherwise.

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Matt Gaetz Investigation

The FBI is investigating Matt Gaetz. He is facing allegations that he took part in the violation of sex trafficking laws.

Newsweek mentioned that the representative is said to have paid a 17-year-old in return for sexual activities.

Gaetz continues to deny all allegations and has not yet been charged. He claims that he is falsely accused in return for money for naughty favors.

Matt Gaetz Criminal Charges

Independent reported on June 21 that Matt Gaetz might face charges sooner than later.

The representative could see charges from federal prosecutors as early as July. The criminal charges involve his former colleague, Joel Greenberg.

Greenberg pled guilty last May to charges of conspiracy, sex trafficking, production of false identification documents, wire fraud, and stalking. He also admitted to paying an underage girl for sex.

According to Newsweek, Greenberg claims that he introduced the underage girl to other men. However, he did not mention their names. According to Greenberg, other adult men also engaged in sex trafficking with the minor.

Like all suspects, Gaetz still has to be considered innocent until proven guilty. However, it seems like the representative's feud with the FBI will go on for longer than expected.

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