Andy Warhol NFT 'Three Self-Portraits' Selling for Around $2.5 Million!
(Photo : Screenshot From Andy Warhol NFT 'Three Self-Portraits' Selling for Around $2.5 Million!

Andy Warhol NFT comes out on an auction!

The "Three Self-Portraits" piece is trying to fetch a massive 2,520,000 in $BUSD or around $2,523,684 USD. This, however, is actually a steal as Andy Warhol's creations have sold for much more.

Andy Warhol Most Expensive Painting Sells at $105 Million

According to the story by Business Insider, the Andy Warhol painting set the record for selling at $105 million.

The article noted that a certain Andy Warhol work named the "Silver Car Crash," or the Double Disaster sold for a whopping $105.4 million at an auction that took place in New York City at Sotheby's auction.

As per NYDailyNews, the sale was unexpected as the painting had only been expected to fetch around $60 to $80 million. Nevertheless, the painting has sold for much higher than that. The artwork was reportedly a prized 1963 Andy Warhol painting that was able to capture the immediate aftermath of a car crash.

Andy Warhol NFT for Sale

The 8x13ft painting depicts a somewhat twisted body that is sprawled across the car's mangled interior. The painting has only made one public appearance in the last 26 years. T

he buyer, however, wasn't immediately identified.

With the popularity of Andy Warhol paintings, it's quite interesting why this particular NFT artwork would charge around $2.5 million and sell as an NFT. The piece can be seen on Binance, and at the moment of this article's writing, there are 2 days and 22 hours before the auction officially closes.

Binance NFT 'Three Self-Portraits'

According to the description of the NFT on Binance, the piece is considered a rare masterpiece that was created only a few months before the death of the famous artist Andy Warhol. The three-image artwork shows a very interesting color scheme in which the Athe artist's own green, orange, and lavender heads all float against their somewhat empty and black background. 

The wig is also meant to explode just like fireworks, which then revivifies the appearance of the modern 20th century's art master for the remaining few months of his life.

The piece is considered a very important piece in the selection of Andy Warhol's art.

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NFTs for Sale

For fans of NFTs and art, it's quite refreshing to see classic Andy Warhol art being sold as an NFT. Aside from popular memes, or videos being sold online like "Charlie bit my finger" video, or the popular disaster girl NFT, there have also been some pretty interesting NFTs sold in the past.

One of these was the sale of the first tweet ever by Jack Dorsey, which scored a whopping $2.9 million.

The thing about the Andy Warhol NFT is that its bidding is not yet over, and there is still time for the price to potentially go up depending on how the auction goes.

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