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Best Buy Xbox Series X restock suddenly spotted online. For those worried about buying the console online from other online retailers aside from Amazon, Best Buy has started selling them again.

Xbox Series X Restock Global Chip Shortage

After what seemed to be a periodic hiatus, gamers can now finally buy once again from Best Buy. As the console gets harder and harder to purchase with scalpers still around and no sign of stock improvement, buyers are looking for more online retailers that drop new stock online.

As of the moment, the global chip shortage has also made things harder for other consoles and other electronic parts aside from the Xbox Series X restock. The shortage has also deeply affected the PS5 restock and the supply of high-powered GPUs and other computer components. It applies to both the AMD and NVIDIA GPUs.

GPU Sold Online at Marked Up Prices

Due to the short supply of consoles and other computer parts, scalpers come in to buy the stock online and sell them at higher prices. One very harsh reality with most of the latest GPUs is that scalpers sell them for up to twice the original SRP. It is forcing gamers to either buy at saturated prices or hold off on buying the GPU altogether.

Another reason why GPUs are being sought after and sold for such saturated prices is the popularity of crypto mining. In the past few months, crypto mining has boomed, with more and more miners buying the latest GPUs, creating a massive demand with a very limited supply.

Xbox Series X Restock Tracker Online

Buyers who want to buy either GPUs or consoles are at a disadvantage when checking the store. There is, however, a way for them to increase their chances of buying the much-in-demand products. It is by following a tracker on Twitter.

An Xbox Series X restock tracker is an account, usually on Twitter, that updates whenever new stock is available. Once the new stock is available, buyers can easily click the link from the restock tracker then head directly over to the online retailer selling the product, be it a PS5, an Xbox Series X, or the latest GPUs.

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Best Buy Xbox Series X Restock Online

Quite ironically, it was a recent PS5 restock tracker that gave the notification about the new Xbox Series X restock hitting Best Buy. Although the stock was still limited, it still gave buyers a fighting chance to get the console. 

One thing that was asked in the thread was the extra steps that users should take to add the console to the cart. The reply was simple and that the key was actually to just wait until the ", please wait" button would suddenly turn into the "add to cart" button. If the new Best Buy Xbox Series X restock supply happens, make sure to wait until the button changes instead of panicking and closing everything.

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