Costco Xbox Series X Restock Spotted | Is the 1TB Bundle for $789.99 Worth It?
(Photo : Screenshot From Xbox Official Website) Costco Xbox Series X Restock Spotted | Is the 1TB Bundle for $789.99 Worth It?

Costco Xbox Series X restock spotted online! While it looks like the stock has finally surfaced on Costco for quite a while, the real question is, is it worth buying at a price of $789.99 for a 1TB bundle?

Xbox Series X Restock Online

The Xbox Series X restock is extremely rare these days, but this isn't the only electronic device suffering. Xbox Series X competitor the PS5 restock is also extremely hard to catch online. With the thin stock, massive amounts of buyers, and scalpers in the picture, the buying process has been chaotic for a number of gamers.

In fact, purchasing the console online alone has also been difficult as more and more online retailers are opting to sell the console in bulk. The newly announced Xbox Series X restock was sold as a bundle, and although some fans were just happy that the new stock of the long-awaited console has finally surfaced, others aren't too pleased with the prices.

Before going further to see what other buyers have been saying about the bundle, let's check out what the bundle is actually offering. Although the bundle might make sense to others, there are also buyers that find it not appealing at all.

Costco Xbox Series X 1TB Console Bundle

  • 8K High Dynamic Range
  • True 4K Gaming
  • Optimized Games for Series X | S
  • Xbox Series X
  • Seagate Expansion Card
  • 'MLB The Show 21'
  • 3 Month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Digital Download

'MLB The Show 21' Already on Game Pass

One particularly weird thing about this bundle is that the "MLB The Show 21" is actually already on Game Pass but is still included in the bundle. Others complained that the price was just too much and that since the game is already on Game Pass, it should not have been included in the first place.

Buying the Xbox Series X is hard, but buying the console without having to buy the bundle has also become another problem these days. Due to not a lot of people having their own consoles, bundles are a way to sell extra products that might not be sold otherwise. 

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Xbox Series X Restock Tracker Online

In order to increase the chances of buying the console online, it is important to follow Xbox Series X restock tracker twitter accounts online. The news of a new Costco drop came from Wario64, which is an account that has proven itself successful when it comes to drops of new consoles.

Although not perfect, a number of gamers have come forward and shared how the account was able to help them purchase an Xbox Series X restock or a PS5 restock online. Although an article by GamesRadar back in April 2021 shares the Microsoft CFO's thoughts saying the stock shortage would last until June, it seems like the situation hasn't yet improved as buyers are still scrambling to get any available stock online.

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