Amazon Prime Day PS5 Restock Update | Discord Tracker vs. Twitter Tracker
(Photo : Screenshot From Amazon Official Website) Amazon Prime Day PS5 Restock Update | Discord Tracker vs. Twitter Tracker

Amazon Prime Day is finally here. Although a PS5 restock did happen, it didn't seem to hit buyers' expectations as the stock immediately ran out. There was, however, a certain comment that those receiving notifications from trackers on Discord had bigger chances than those receiving notifications from Twitter.

Amazon Prime Day PS5 Restock

According to a certain PS5 restock tracker on Twitter, a PS5 Digital restock happened on Amazon. Although this is usually exciting news, due to the expectations of buyers that more stock would be available, a lot of buyers were left disappointed.

The same story was heard once again of buyers trying to purchase the console as soon as they could, but only to be met by a disappointing message telling them the stock is no longer available. This has happened with almost all the PS5 restocks in the past and is caused by two things: global chip shortage and increase of scalpers.

Wario64 PS5 Tracker Twitter

Wario64, one of the most prominent and effective leakers on Twitter noted that the new PS5 restock was available on Amazon this Amazon Prime Day. Like always, however, the stock instantly vanished as buyers and maybe scalpers were quick to purchase the console. There was, however, a reply to the Tweet sharing a more effective method of purchasing the PS5.

According to one of the replies, there were a lot of buyers who were disappointed with the stock update and that users should use a stock tracker on Discord to properly check for any available stock online. The same user then stated that Discord trackers gave out updates even before Wario could note new stock online.

PS5 Restock Online

Although Wario has been able to help users in the past, this round of PS5 restock online saw not that much success. There was one Twitter user who commented on the update, noting they were able to purchase the digital console despite being a few minutes late. 

The user then said that things could be slowing down as to stock being available longer on online retailers than they used to. As of the moment, buying the PS5 restock online is extremely difficult and although buyers are hoping for things to get better, Sony themselves note that the problem could last well into 2023 as the global chip shortage is expected to affect the supply of the new PlayStation 5 even in the future.

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Global Chip Shortage

The global chip shortage has also affected other electronic products aside from just consoles. GPUs are currently selling at massive marked up prices due to scalpers clearing up any available stock and reselling them online at higher price.

It is extremely rare to buy GPUs at SRP nowadays. The good thing for the PS5, however, is that there are regular drops every once in a while. Although not a guarantee, buyers still have higher chances of buying the PS5 restock than other GPUs.

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