COVID-19 in the US reports 99 percent of its deaths are due to non-vaccinated people, or those who have not yet completed their dosages against the virus amidst this season of the immunization program. What is more alarming is the rising cases of the Delta variant from India, which has been becoming more dominant in the current times, showing off its effect against humans. 

Vaccines are enough to protect against the Delta variant, with AstraZeneca and Pfizer's immunity shots having as much as 90 percent of protection against it, but without completing it, it's as good as a bust. 

US COVID-19 Deaths

Tinley Park Convention Center Serves As Mass Vaccination Site
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SPC Janae Jones of the Illinois Army National Guard administers a COVID-19 vaccine at a mass vaccination center established at the Tinley Park Convention Center on January 26, 2021 in Tinley Park, Illinois.

In the recent report by the Associated Press, they have regarded that "nearly all" of the COVID-19 deaths in the US are composed of those who did not opt for any vaccines, or have not yet completed their shots. Of course, those who are more susceptible to get infected or fall victim to COVID-19 are those who are against the vaccine, known as anti-vaxxers. 

The main concern of the country is to mandate the vaccine for all of its citizens to surpass this pandemic and end it once and for all in the country. And while the virus would not disappear in the face of the Earth, knowing that it has vaccinated its people will give health professionals and the government peace of mind as everyone is protected. 

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In May, 18,000 deaths were recorded due to COVID-19, and only 150 of those already had their vaccines, showing that it is less than one percent, with regards to the mortality rate of the virus. The data have shown how much vaccines have improved the chance of fighting against the virus, especially with the new variants such as the Delta and Kappa.

Delta Variant Moves Hastily

The Delta variant is highly regarded as one of the most notorious cases of COVID-19 in the modern world, and it has been plaguing the present-day fight against the virus, especially in controlling its spread. The variant is a highly progressive one, which has originated in India and has mutated into a more infectious one compared to Wuhan.

Even more so, the country has been detected for its Delta variant and has been spreading hastily on its way to people, particularly those who are more susceptible. And those who are more likely to contract this are the anti-vaxxers first, then those who have not yet completed their vaccines. 

Immunization of COVID-19 has not met its goal by July and has made a lot of experts worry about this happening. 

When Will Vaccination Pickup the Pace?

Pfizer Vaccine
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According to CDC, the COVID-19 vaccination in the country is currently at 45.6 percent for the fully vaccinated people, and 53.7 percent for those that have received their first dosages. The data is the entirety of the country, and while it is a massive achievement already, it is still believed to have slowed down. 

So when will the country pick up the pace for vaccination? The answer to that currently remains unknown, as the statistics, stocks, and logistics of the company are what they primarily think about, in terms of distribution of the shots. Not to mention, those who have not yet signed up for vaccinations and are upholding to avoid it. 

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