Windows 11 Compatibility | Supported Intel, AMD, and Qualcomm CPUs
(Photo : Screenshot From Microsoft Website) Windows 11 Compatibility | Supported Intel, AMD, and Qualcomm CPUs

Windows 11 was just announced by Microsoft and has currently been publishing documentation all day. In fact, the whole "system requirements'' have actually changed as well. Basically, users will need specifications to be able to use the Windows 11 operating system.

Aside from just the system requirements for the Microsoft Windows 11, there are a few things you might want to know about your CPU as well. XDA-developers shares the official specs for the new Microsoft Windows 11 along with what supported processors can be used with the new operating system.

Windows 11 Intel Supported

Windows 11 will be supported on Intel processors. However, there will still be limitations as to which generations can use the operating system. Technically, Windows 11 is going to ditch support for the 6th and 7th gen processors. 

This would leave out the Surface Studio 2, which is considered the newest version. Users can buy one coming from Microsoft's website without a discount starting at a whopping $3,500. Another thing that currently isn't on the list is the Pentium Gold 4415Y which is also on the Surface Go.

When it comes to the Surface, users will have to have the Surface Laptop 2 or something newer, the Surface Book 2 or something newer, the Surface Pro 6 or something newer, the Surface Laptop Go, and the Surface Go 2.

Windows 11 AMD Supported

AMD users also seem like they are in the worst shape ever with the Windows 11 supported CPU list shedding the FX-series and the A-series, along with the whole Ryzen 1000 and the majority of the Ryzen 2000 chips.

Users will also be able to get Windows on the ARM PC. The only processor as of the moment that isn't really supported with the Windows 11 anymore belongs to the Snapdragon line of CPUs.

Windows 11 Qualcomm Supported

The Snapdragon 835 is no longer on the Windows 11 supported CPU list which actually isn't that surprising.

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Windows 11 CPU Requirements

When it comes to the Windows 11 supported CPU changes, it's not really sure as to whether they will actually be that meaningful to those that remain to be seen. An example of this is that users usually see Windows honor most of the minimum CPU requirements instead of just an actual list of CPUs that is supported.

Users can easily find the full Microsoft documentation on its Windows 11 supported CPUs in a document released by Microsoft itself. For those that want to learn more about Windows 11 and understand whether or not their current PC or device is capable of using the operating system, click here to learn more.

While the Windows 11 is fairly new, users will have to wait a while before there can be official reviews on how it might be better than the Windows 10. While different users might have different opinions, the new Windows 11 is trying to make things easier for its users. This, of course, is still subject to review later on as more and more people try out the Windows 11.

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