How to Watch Microsoft Windows 11 Launch Event Online | What to Expect
(Photo : Screenshot From Microsoft Website) How to Watch Microsoft Windows 11 Launch Event Online | What to Expect

The big reveal on the new Windows 11 launch event online is coming soon! There's a very easy way to access it for those wanting to watch the launch event online. The launch is expected to roll out on June 24.

Microsoft Windows 11 Release Date

According to the story by ZDNet, June 24 will be the day that Microsoft will finally be showing off to the public the "new" version of the classic Windows, which is almost completely considered the Windows 11. Officials are also expected to talk about a number of new features, reveal what the company's rollout plans are, and even communicate better with what the IT pros can and should be expecting when it comes to the Windows 10 future.

Microsoft is also reportedly going to talk about what other developers can and should be expecting from the new Windows 11. In addition, according to the rumors, Microsoft will also be sharing more about the new updated Microsoft app Store as a larger part of the June 24 official reveal.

Will Windows 11 be Another Windows 8?

With the upcoming release, the company has quite a formidable task ahead of itself. A number of IT pros don't really want Windows to change a lot due to users retaining and even increasing requests for help. This also means that certain tweaks need to be made in certain ways that don't really cause the kind of pushback and anything similar to what happened to the Windows 8 launch.

As of the moment, Microsoft is also preparing itself to compete with both Chromebook makers and Apple with this new release. One important fact is that the needs and desires of the general users running the two different types of devices also greatly differ from each other.

Windows 10X Cancelled Launch

It is also important to mention that Windows 10X was also supposed to be Microsoft's own version of its ChromeOS-complete platform. Microsoft, however, has somehow decided to table the project seemingly indefinitely as of the moment, according to an article by The Verge.

The OS was supposed to arrive alongside the Microsoft dual-screen devices, just like the Surface Neo. This, however, was before the pandemic ever hit. Microsoft then decided to prioritize its other Windows 10X for use in certain single-screen laptops instead. Windows 10X, as of the moment, is officially over.

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Watch Windows 11 Reveal Online

To watch the event, fans can easily click this link and redirect themselves to the most comfortable platform for them to watch online. For those wanting updates on what the Microsoft Windows 11 is expected to bring (or if the leaks really showed the new OS), all that needs to be done is watch the event.

For those who won't watch the Live Event, keep posted for updates on TechTimes as we cover the new Microsoft Windows 11 specs.

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